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Wednesday 7 April 2021

Easter 2021

Easter is done for another year. Did you celebrate over the weekend?

This year's Easter was quite different from last year's Easter in one major way. Nope - nothing covid related. This year we had a beautiful, warm and sunny Spring day. Last year we had a snowy Easter. While I was happy for the good weather, I've got to say that I actually really liked our white Easter last year. 

Anyway, the warm weather meant that we could do more of our regular Easter activities outside. We decorated eggs outside, had our egg hunt outside, and smashed cascarones (confetti eggs) on the trampoline. 

Let's take a look...

The girls woke up early (or early for us!) and we came down stairs to see what the Easter Bunny had left for everyone. There was plenty of chocolate for the girls from the Easter Bunny as well as a plushie (or two) and a few small items for the girls from us. 

We ate home made hot cross buns for breakfast before heading outside for an egg hunt. First I hid the eggs for the girls to find, then Mathilde and Lola each had a turn at hiding them. As always the girls hid a few of the eggs so well that we couldn't find them all for quite some time. 

In the afternoon we smashed cascarones. Originally we were going to smash them on our new artificial turf and I thought I'd just vacuum up all the confetti, but that meant I'd also be vacuuming up the sand that sits in the bottom of the grass. The trampoline made for a much better place to smash the eggs. Everything was confined to one spot, it was easier to hit each other with the eggs (no one could run very far away), and it was fun to see the confetti and egg shells bouncing on the trampoline's surface. 

On Saturday Lola and Mathilde colored eggs. We tried out the shaving cream method, which made some pretty cool marbled patterns, but they didn't really stick to the eggs quite as well as I had anticipated. It was a fun process though with lots of mess! You can find the DIY here.

There were also a few fun Easter decorations that I put up for the holiday. You've likely seen my Peeps Bunny wreath already on the blog. You can find the DIY here. I also added bunny ears to our lawn flamingos. 

I hope you all had a great Easter filled with lots of chocolate and bunnies. If you live somewhere that has an Easter long weekend (ie. not the US) I hope you had a wonderful break!

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