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Wednesday 30 November 2022


 Calling all art lovers!

There's a new immersive art exhibition in town that you must check out.

Dalí Alive is a new immersive art exhibition at THE LUME Colorado in Stanley Marketplace, Aurora. This amazing exhibition is created in conjunction with The Dalí Museum in St Petersburg, Florida and showcases a 360 degree immersive digital experience featuring some of Salvador Dalí's most iconic artworks from his long career as the master of surrealism and beyond.

Let's go check it out...


One of my favorite things about the Dalí Alive exhibition is that it features two areas where visitors can immerse themselves in Dalí's surreal universe in very different ways.

Upon entering the exhibition space visitors will find themselves in a large room filled with angled screens. Projected onto these screens are moving displays on some of Salvador Dalí's most significant works of art, quotes and images from his life. Clocks melt, elephants on impossibly spindly legs march across the walls, and that iconic mustache makes many appearances as highly emotive music fills the air. The images spill from the 20 foot walls across the floor extending the feeling of being truly immersed in the art. Benches are provided for seating throughout this space, but visitors are also welcome to walk around to take in the display from varying angles. You just might even find yourself compelled to dance along with the music. These projections are part of a half hour long production that repeats on a loop. Visitors are welcome to stay and watch the projections for as long as they like, but we chose to watch it through just the once as the kids knew there were hands on activities just beyond. If I had been there by myself I probably would have watched it through at least twice.   

Onto those hands on activities that I mentioned above! 

The next room definitely felt very different from the first part of the exhibition. Here we found a very bright area with Dalí inspired photo opportunities and hands on fun. Here the kids sat (or lounged, in Mathilde's case!) on Dalí's classic lip shaped Mae West couch, listened to recordings of Dalí himself on lobster phones, posed for photos in a giant cracked egg with Dalí's iconic mustache as a backdrop, caught melting clocks inside of a painting, and had fun with endless reflections in an infinity mirror room.   

One of my favorite parts of this section of the Dalí Alive exhibition was a small room filled with easels ready for budding artists to create their own Dalí inspired masterpieces. At the front of this room a large screen plays a tutorial for how to draw Dalí's ionic melting clocks. Mathilde was pretty excited to get drawing and followed along with the tutorial as best she could. I think she did a pretty great job. She was pretty pleased that she got to take her artwork home with her.

The last area of the exhibition is the gift shop. Here visitors will find an array of Dalí inspired homewares, gifts, clothing, stationery and even toys. Mathilde was convinced that we needed to take home our very own melted clock, which was very tempting, but I went a little smaller and bought an ornament for our Christmas tree instead. I like to collect ornaments on our travels and when we visit fun exhibitions, so I was very happy to find a melting clock ornament to add to our collection. You can see our ornament collection here, although it's gotten a little bigger after this year's travels.  

Dalí Alive is on display at THE LUME Colorado in Stanley Marketplace, 2501 Dallas Street, Aurora. This 13,000sf space is also home to regular multi sensory yoga classes and is available for private bookings. 

For more information and to purchase tickets to Dalí Alive visit https://www.thelumecolorado.com/.  

Stanley Marketplace is one of my favorite places in the Denver metro area to spend a day as it's home to so many great restaurants, cafes and shops. It's also home to some great outdoor play areas and lots of great public art. We ended up staying at Stanley Marketplace for much of the afternoon after our visit to Dalí Alive. We had lunch with friends at Chi Lin Asian Eatery (where our food was brought out by a robot!), got sweet empanadas from Maria Empanada and macarons from Miette et Chocolat for dessert, drank coffee at Logan Coffee House, and did a little shopping at Mindcraft Makerspace, Tattered Cover Kids and Abstract. We also checked out the Canstruction displays throughout the marketplace and spent quite some time on the playground.  

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