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Sunday 6 November 2022

Halloween 2022

Halloween is over for another year. 

If you're following along on Instagram you will have already seen all of our Halloween celebrations, but I wanted to share them here on the blog as well.

This year we didn't get out and about as much as I would've liked so there were no trips to see fancy jack-o'lanterns, no Halloween light displays and no meeting creepy Halloween creatures, but we still had a fun Halloween.

While we didn't make it out to any fun Halloween events or exhibitions, we did make it to our local pumpkin patch and of course we dressed up for trick or treating. 

Let's take a look...

Visiting a pumpkin patch was our first Halloween event. We stayed local and visited Seventh Generation Farm here in Louisville. The pumpkin patch was smaller this year and unfortunately there was no corn maze like there has been in previous years. We also happened to pick a day with absolutely terrible weather, but we persevered through the wind, rain, hail and sudden temperature drops and enjoyed an hour or two of pretend farm life. Mathilde took a pony ride, we fed the pigs and goats, we climbed on hay bales, we posed for cheesy pictures, and we chose pumpkins to decorate out porch. 

You can see our visit to the Seventh Generation Farm in this Instagram Reel too. 

Now onto Halloween itself...

The kids all went to school in their costumes and we were lucky that Halloween happened to be a fairly mild day. No costume covering jackets needed! So just what were the kids' costumes? Ava dressed as Karen from Mean Girls ("I'm a mouse, duh"), Lola was a pink witch, and Mathilde was King from the Disney show The Owl House. I also dressed as Eda from The Owl House to go with Mathilde's costume, but I ran out of time to finish my costume so I mostly just looked like an old lady in a red dress! 

Mathilde's school had a parade first thing in the morning, but unfortunately it coincided with me dropping Ava off at school so I missed it. After school we had a little break before getting back into costumes to head out trick or treating. Ava stayed home as she had friends over for a party, while Lola, Mathilde and I went out trick or treating with our neighbors and another friend.  

I hope that you all had a wonderful and perfectly spooky  Halloween!

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