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Monday 9 April 2012

Easter Tattoos

"Easter tattoos?" I hear you say.

That's right. Easter tattoos.

And not just any old Easter tattoos. Easter tattoos from the fabulous Tattly, makers of the finest temporary tattoos there are.

Tattly are always releasing new and wonderful contemporary designs. I've raved about them here before. Recently they happened to have released a bunch of bunny tattoos, perfect for Easter. And to make these bunny tattoos even more perfect for Easter, the fine folk at Tattly made their bunny tattoos available in sets of twelve - in a carton of eggs! Perfect.

I couldn't resist purchasing a set of these tattoos for my girls for Easter when I saw them. I'm so glad I did. They went down a treat. The whole family was decked out in bunny tattoos today for Easter.

Ava wears Funny Bunny and Red Kicks on her arms

Lola points out Good Bunny - a little blurry, I know...

Red Kicks out for an egg hunt

Funny Bunny helps carry the egg basket

Is that Funny Bunny I see poking out of Daddy's collar?

Why, yes it is!

All decked out in bunny tatts with Freckles Bunny on her face :)  

Nerdy Bunny helps Lola find eggs

Good Bunny helps Lola carry eggs

Red Kicks hides along my side

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