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Monday 9 April 2012

Be very, very quiet... We're hunting Easter Eggs!

It's Easter Sunday! Time to hunt for eggs!

Back home in Australia we always hunt for chocolate eggs. The Easter Bunny hides them in our backyard and we search for them as early as possible before the sun turns them into a runny, chocolatey mess! Here in America where foil covered chocolate eggs just aren't as common kids search for real eggs, albeit brightly coloured ones!

Ava and I coloured eggs ready for our hunt on Saturday afternoon. It was loads of fun and a new creative activity for us to do together. You can read about it here.

Now, as we share our outdoor spaces with lots of other people the Easter Bunny was unable to hide our eggs when he visited over night. He was a little worried that other children in the building might find them first. So instead it was up to me to hide the eggs in our shared courtyard garden after breakfast. Our garden turned out to be perfect for an Easter egg hunt. Enough plants and rocks to hide eggs behind, but not too big or over grown for the eggs to go missing in.

Colourful eggs hide in the garden

Once the eggs were hidden it was time for Ava and Lola to go searching. Watching them run around the courtyard with their baskets and hearing them squeal with delight when they found an egg was wonderful. We were blessed with lovely weather today which made it even better. 

Off to search for eggs

Looking, looking...

Found one!

Lola finds some too!

It seems I did a pretty good job at hiding the eggs as it took the girls about twenty minutes to find all fifteen of them. Any longer and I think they might have lost interest.

Still searching for eggs

Maybe there are some here behind Daddy...

Lola finds an egg in the garden.
And I find that I've colour coordinated Lola's t-shirt and nappy without realising it!

Two eggs for Lola

Lola kept dropping the eggs and breaking them!
This one cracked and formed a spiderweb pattern. Pretty cool! 

After all the eggs were found Ava decided that she'd like to hide them again for me to find. Now remember I mentioned above that our courtyard is perfect for an egg hunt as it's difficult to hide the eggs so that they're too hard to find? Well, I didn't count on Ava's hiding technique. She hid a few in sensible places (pretty much exactly where I'd hidden eggs) but then she decided that it would be a good idea to just stand back and throw eggs into one of the densest spots in the garden! Then she forgot exactly where that spot was! Being hard boiled the eggs sank straight through the plants to the garden bed below making them very hard to find. I did eventually find all of the eggs again, but only after I'd given up!

Ava counts the eggs to make sure we've found them all

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