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Friday 13 April 2012

Pickle Party Beans

Ava's teacher has a birthday coming up soon.

Ava's teacher loves pickles.

Ava's teacher love Jelly Belly jelly beans.

Hmm... if only Jelly Belly made a pickle flavour!

Seeing as they don't we thought we'd make our own "Pickle Party Beans".

Ava drew a fantastic picture of dancing pickles, as you do, and I tracked down the most "pickly" looking jelly beans I could find. We put them together and voila! One pack of "Teacher Meri's Pickle Party Beans".

Pickle perfect!

Party like a pickle? Just how does a pickle party?

Pickle Party Beans and Ava's drawing for her teacher

The Pickle Party Beans are actually Juicy Pear flavour

As usual, Ava had had to make a copy for herself :)

Now get out there and party like a pickle :)

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