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Friday 6 April 2012

A European Holiday... without leaving Berkeley!

My parents have recently taken off on the trip of a lifetime around Europe and the UK.

While Mamma and Papa, as the girls call them, make their way around Europe we will be playing along at home.

I have made up a special map to trace Mamma and Papa's footsteps around the continent. Like most things I make for the girls, this map has been made in collaboration with Ava. I provide the technical skills (using a computer, laminator and scissors!) and she provides the artistic touches.

Where are Mamma & Papa today? Let's check the map...

Mamma & Papa visit the City of Light

Mamma & Papa in Rome

Mamma & Papa in Heidelberg

Mamma & Papa will be spending lots of time in London

A small portrait of my parents (drawn by Ava) will make its way around the map stopping at all the same locations as the real Mamma & Papa.

Mamma and Papa - I love that they are wearing matching wedding rings :)

Ava has drawn pictures of famous landmarks that Mamma and Papa will see along the way; Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Big Ben... These landmarks plus a few other items have been added to the map to make it a little more fun and to help Ava with locations. A little artistic license has been taken with the exact locations on the map. It has to look pretty after all :)

Mamma & Papa with the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower

Fachwerk houses, pretzels and beer for Germany

Royal guards and Big Ben in London

The Colosseum with "funny Italian cars"

First stop on the map for Mamma and Papa? London!

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