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Monday 23 July 2012

Ava loves Swampy

Ava has a new obsession...

Goodbye Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja. You've been replaced by the loveable alligator Swampy in the Disney mobile game Where's My Water?

Both Ava and Lola have been pretty mad about playing Where's My Water? since I downloaded it a few weeks ago. Ava seems quite smitten with the main character Swampy, a cute and friendly looking alligator. In the game Swampy is desperate to have a bath, however the water has been blocked off - hence the title. The player digs through dirt to get the water through to the bathtub, collecting rubber duckies and avoiding moss and slime along the way.

Ava has been talking about Swampy quite a bit lately and a few days ago she spent much of the afternoon making a book about him and the game. Of course, Ava features alongside Swampy in her book as well. Who wouldn't want to share a bath with an alligator? :)
Here's a look at Ava's book:

Swampy and Ava

Once upon a time Swampy and Ava wanted a bath.
But the water was stuck at the top.

They dug so the water would fall down into the bath.
Now they can have a bath.

Now for a harder level...
Swampy and Ava pull their cords to make the water and spiders do something.

Swampy and Ava pulled their levers so the water will go down into the bath and the hot water kills the moss.

Swampy and Ava love!
Apparently this is a picture of Swampy and Ava getting married! Notice that Swampy is now wearing a suit? 

And they all lived happily ever after?
Ava and Swampy

Cute isn't it?

After creating her book, Ava decided that she'd also like a plush Swampy to cuddle. Mean Mummy and Daddy said "No" to this request so Ava decided to create her own. She draw eyes and a smile (complete with pointy alligator teeth) on paper, cut them out and attached them to a pillow with double sided tape. It doesn't look much like an alligator but it does look kind of cute - especially when dressed up in Ava's pyjamas for bed!

Ava and Swampy ready for bed

You can download Where's My Water? for free from the App Store or Android Market. I'm warning you though... you may find yourself in love with an alligator!

Screenshot of Where's My Water?

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