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Wednesday 11 July 2012

Nail Salon

Today the girls played nail salon.

We all received brightly coloured (and slightly messy) manicures and pedicures plus the girls relaxed with a foot spa. Ok, so it was just a bucket filled with warm water and bubble bath. Close enough!

Lola's little finger nails

Lola eagerly waits for her turn in the "foot spa"

Pretty nails

Lola loved soaking her feet in the "foot spa"

We use Hopscotch Kids Watercolors range of kid friendly, water based nail polishes. They come in a great range of bright colours with fantastic names. At the nail salon today we used "Eenie Meenie Miney Moe" (green), "Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum in a Dish" (pink) and "Ink, A Bink, A Bottle of Ink" (blue).

I got a manicure too!

Nice work Ava

Once our nails were done the girls decided they'd like tattoos too. They chose popsicle and rainbow designs from Tattly which went nicely with their colourful nails.

Choosing tattoos


Ava decided to make a sign for our front door advertising her tattoo and nail salon. I love all the detail she has included in the sign. Apparently her manicures cost one dollar note and one penny - or is that a backwards ten?

Ava's Tattoo & Nails

When we first moved to Berkeley Ava set up a little nail salon in our lounge room and created a similar sign. She posted this sign in one of our front windows in the hope that people passing by might stop in for a manicure!

Ava's Nail Salon back in November

Ava's old salon used markers 


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