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Thursday 19 July 2012

Spin, spin, spin

Just when you thought that there was well and truly enough colour at the Color Run, the organisers threw in a little extra colour fun at the end. This colour however was not powered by running, but rather by cycling.

Pedal Powered Spin Art in action

Local Bay Area company Rock The Bike rent out (and sell) their amazing Fender Blender bikes for events such as this one. The Fender Blender looks part exercise bike, part blender. And that's because it pretty much is. It's a pedal powered blender, perfect for making smoothies at events. In this case however the Fender Blender bike was fitted with a Spin Art drum rather than a blender. Instead of mixing up delicious beverages, this Fender Blender mixed up works of art!

As you can see in the pictures below the the Fender Blender features a large drum on the front. This is connected to a mechanism that spins the drum at high speed as the pedals turn. Tape down a piece of paper, squirt in a little paint, pedal a little and hey presto, you've got yourself a one of a kind piece of art!

The Fender Blender with Spin Art attachment

Ava squirts in some paint

And some more - maybe a little too much!

Ava watches her painting take shape in the Spin Art drum

Lola's turn to squeeze in some paint

The girls loved having a go with the Spin Art. Unfortunately they weren't able to pedal themselves but they still enjoyed the whole process.

Ava & Lola's finished paintings. Ava used perhaps just a little too much paint in hers

I'd love to rent one of these for a big party one day. The bike is a real crowd pleaser, especially with the younger set.

As well as the blender and Spin Art attachments Rock The Bike also rent out Fender Blenders with ice cream churns. How cool is that? Ice cream churned on a bike! Then there are the Pedal Powered Stage and Pedal Powered Lighting, perfect for music events.

Oh the things you can do on a bike if you just use a little imagination!

I want one!

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