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Thursday 19 July 2012

The Color Run

On Saturday we took part in quite possibly the funnest fun run you could run for fun - The Color Run!

As the name suggests The Color Run features colour - and lots of it.

A colourful bunch at the end of the run

The run is five kilometres long with colour stations sets up at each kilometre mark. Each station features a different colour and is manned by volunteers toting squeezy bottles of fine coloured powder. The volunteers squirt or throw the powder on the runners as they go past. In our case, as with most other people, we took the opportunity to stop a while at each station to get a little extra colour. Ava made colour angels on the ground (think snow angels in the coloured powder), we threw colour at each other, we jumped up and down to make colour clouds and positioned ourselves in front of the volunteers' colour bottles as much as possible!

Ava gets blue'd
Action shot!

We had such a great time doing the Color Run that it well and truly made up for the ridiculously early time our alarm went off! We were up and out of the house around 6am to make it to Candle Stick Park south of the city in time for the 7:30am line up.
The early morning was totally worth it though as the run was so much fun for the whole family. The girls keep talking about it and are keen to go again so we'll definitely be signing up for next year's run. If the Color Run is coming to a city near you I highly recommend you get out there and take part. You'll have a blast. I promise.

Here are a *few* photos showing what a great time we had.

Ready to run on this grey San Francisco Summer morning

Two little girls ready for the run in their nice white t-shirts

Warming up by jogging on the spot


Waiting to start

And we're off!

Entering the first colour station

Ava looking pretty chuffed about her first brush with colour

Tutus seem to be pretty popular fun run attire

Entering the second colour station

Oops... colour in the eye

Take that!

Making colour angels

Colour jump

Time for some blue

Ava goes to battle with a character from Avatar!

Der blaue Engel

Blue girl

Lola, Ava and I with a little more colour

A little more colour from the first station as we run back past it

Setting a good example by throwing colour at my children!

Ava walked the full 5kms. Lola walked on and off for the last km or so.

Desperate to walk as far as possible!
I think ended up being last across the finish line due to these cute little legs :)

Time for more colour

Lola loved playing in the colour but wasn't too keen on having it squirted on her!

Playing in the colour

Making colour dust clouds

My colourful feet - and Barbie coloured skin!

Lola's feet

Lola and Ava at the finish

Ava's feet

In our runner packs we were provided with a pack of colour powder each. At the end of the run we threw these packs of colour all over each other. Like we needed more colour!

Ava throws green my way. So glad I was using my old camera and not my good one!

The girls get showered in pink. They were pretty happy about this!

Pink leg, green leg

Looks like Kim just got hit in the face with some pink

You've been greened

Lola and I after the run

Throwing more colour

Ava tried to scoop up as much pink as possible

Kim's colour explosion

Little poser

Empty colour packs

The girls chat about colour

Colourful ground

Colourful ground

Colourful ground

You may have noticed that I've used both spellings of the word colour/color. I can't bring myself to drop the "u" and use the American spelling. However, seeing as the event is officially called The Color Run  - with no "u" - I'm happy to use the American spelling in the title ;) I'm going to have to get my head around all of these American spellings once Ava starts school in the Fall! Just started then by calling Autumn Fall ;)

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