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Thursday 5 July 2012

Happy 4th of July

Yesterday was our first 4th of July here in America.

We spent most of the day at the 4th of July celebration at the Berkeley Marina. The girls went on pony rides and bouncy castles, we ate corn dogs and drank strawberry lemonade, we watched kites flying and bands playing and generally had a nice day in the sun.

The girls with their American flags and pinwheels

First up we hit the food stands for corn dogs. Much tastier than expected.

Two corn dogs please...

Mmm... hotdog on a stick!

Ava eats her corn dog

Lola attacks the corn dog!

After lunch we soaked in the sights - and a little sun - while the girls played on the grass.

Berkeley Marina

Lola seemed to enjoy pushing Ava around in circles - again and again and again...

Ava and Lola 

Spin that pinwheel

The girls were so excited when they discovered that there would be pony rides. However when it actually came to it Lola freaked out and refused to get on a pony! I wasn't surprised; I'd half expected this reaction from Lola. She had never seen a real pony up close before. As far as Lola was concerned ponies are small, brightly coloured creatures that live in the mythical land of Equestria. Hmm... that could be My Little Pony !

Ava ended up taking Lola's turn and had two rides on different ponies. Lola in turn, was happy enough to walk along side of the pony. Of course, afterwards Lola would not stop talking about her "poby ride"! That's right, she calls ponies "pobies"!

Pony ride!

Pony ride number two

After pony rides it was off to the bouncy castles. Lola was pretty excited to go on a "Bob Bob Pear Pants" bouncy castle - that's Sponge Bob Square Pants for those of you who don't speak Toddler. Ava went on a bouncy obstacle course and a giant bouncy slide.

Sliding down the obstacle course

Bouncy obstacle course

Bouncy climbing

Lola was pretty excited about the bouncy castle

From the Marina we headed over to nearby Cesar Chavez Park where there was plenty of kite flying up on the windy hill. The girls loved playing with their pinwheels and little flags in the wind.

Flag waving

Lots of kites and lots of wind

It was pretty windy

Ava and her pinwheel

Lola and her pinwheel

In the evening we went home and watched the fireworks around the Bay Area from our roof top garden - along with what seemed like every other person in our apartment building. It was a little busier on the roof than it had been on New Year's Eve when there were only about a dozen of us watching the fireworks.

As always, the fireworks were pretty. Lots of red, white and blue. This time round there were fireworks to be seen in almost every direction. We could see the fireworks displays at the Berkeley Marina, Pier 39 in San Francisco, Oakland, somewhere on the Marin Headlands and various other locations.

As always it was pretty cold up on the roof so we rugged up in jackets and beanies. Ah... Summer in the Bay Area!


So pretty

Pretty again 

Blue and white

Red, white and blue

These ones were pretty spectacular

More red, white and blue

Very bright flashes

A bit of everything leading up to the finale

The finale

More of the finale

Happy 4th of July!

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