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Saturday 1 December 2012

Guest Post: Advent Garland

Today I'm excited to be sharing something special with you. My first guest post!

Usually the craft projects that you see on Little Hiccups have been made by me - or my kids - but today I'll be sharing a fantastic Christmas craft made by my talented friend Daniela. It's an advent calendar and garland all in one. How clever is that? No need to take it down once the countdown to Christmas has finished.

Daniela's Advent Calendar Garland

This is a project that kids will have lots of fun helping out with too. While Daniela worked on folding each piece, her 3 year old daughter Aurelia got creative with decorating the finished pieces. You can tell that she had a fun time helping her Mummy with this!

Daniela has been kind enough to share her DIY for this project.

Here's what you'll need:
Construction paper - 25 pieces cut into squares
Hole Punch
Decorative papers, decorative tape, stickers, etc
Goodies to go inside the advent calendar

Here's how you do it:

Start by folding each piece of paper into a kite shape like the pictures below.

Fold the squares into a kite shape

The folded paper

Once the paper has been folded into a kite shape tape the two long sides together to seal up the back. Your little helper (if you have one) can now start decorating the front. Of course, you can always do this yourself too :) Be as creative as you like with the decorating. There are so many different materials that you could use: washi tape, decorative paper, stickers, markers, glitter... It's a good idea to stick to a colour theme for continuity. Daniela chose a colour theme of pinks, naturals, red, white and a touch of blue.

Aurelia's beautiful decorations

Punch two small holes at the top of the base part; one on each side as per the photo below. The string that ties the garland together will be threaded through here.

Punch a small hole it the two top corners of the base 

Before you string your advent calendar together you'll need to work out the order that you'd like to position each piece. Once you've decided on an order that you like you can add the numbers. Daniela used stickers with handwritten numbers and stuck these on the very top. It's important that the number is placed on the top flap as this will be folded out of view once each advent is opened.

With the top flap in the up position, string the pieces together. Make sure that the string runs along the back of each piece.

Beautiful decorations

One you've strung the advent garland it's time to fill it and hang it up. Daniela chose to fill her advent garland with vouchers for fun holiday activities: baking cookies, a theatre show, making a gingerbread house, ice skating, a trip to the toy store, and even one for a day of unlimited TV! She also included small stocking filler gifts and treats.

Daniela chose to hang her garland in two pieces due to space constraints.

A holiday voucher rolled up inside the advent garland

My favourite thing about this advent garland is the fact that it goes from being an advent calendar to a garland after each day is marked off. This is done in a really simple but clever way. After each day the top flap is simply folded back. This is a great way for kids to see which day they are up to. Plus once the countdown is finished you're left with a lovely garland.

Fold down the top flap after each day is counted down

Thanks for sharing Daniela and Aurelia!

Advent garland

I love that each piece is so different while sticking to a colour theme

Good work Aurelia!

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