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Sunday 16 December 2012

Washi Tape Christmas Decorations

I love washi tape.

It's the one thing I feel compelled to buy whenever I see it in a store. It's the one thing that you might say I "collect". It's my go-to for decorating presents and one of my favourite crafting materials.

So when I saw a post on Modern Parents Messy Kids about a DIY washi tape christmas tree I knew I had to get out the tape collection and start decorating!

Washi tape Christmas tree, presents and wreath

This has to be one of my favourite Christmas crafts of all time. It's so simple but has such impact. The kids can get involved as much or as little as you like and they can easily move the tape around until they're happy with the results. Don't worry about the tape ripping off paint or leaving marks when you remove it. The washi tape is only lightly sticky so it doesn't damage painted walls (not sure about wall papered walls - you might want to test it out first).

When we made our washi tape tree during the week we were yet to get our real Christmas tree (more on that soon) so the girls were very excited to create a tape tree to tide us over - not that we'll be removing it when we get a real tree mind you.

I marked out the shape of the tree in green washi tape and added a silver star on top then left it to the girls to decorate. As Lola couldn't reach much of the tree I also marked out a few square shapes down low for her to decorate as presents.

Washi tape tree marked out on our closet door 

Lola adds some tape to the tree
Ava adds some tape
A little tape here, a little tape there
Taping, taping, taping...

More tape
All done!

While the girls decorated the tree and presents I got to work on a washi tape wreath. I'm quite happy with how it turned out and it was really simple to make.

Our craft project for the day - washi tape decorations

The girls had lots of fun making their washi tape Christmas decorations. I think we might have to set up a designated spot on the wall (or cupboard doors) for washi tape fun in the future!

Our festive closet doors

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