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Friday 21 December 2012

Little Bags of Honey Biscuits

Today was Ava's last day of school for the year. Roll on the start of the two week winter break!

Ava's class celebrated their last day of school before Christmas by making Christmas crafts, watching a movie and, the kids' favourite part, wearing their pyjamas all day! Not a bad day of school.

And if all that doesn't sound good enough there was just one more treat...

Ava took bags of honey biscuits to school to give out to her classmates and teacher.

Bags of honey biscuits

Technically sweet treats like biscuits/cookies aren't actually allowed at school but we got around this by bagging the biscuits up for the kids to take home. Ah, loopholes! To make the bags of biscuits a little more festive I made cards from one of Ava's Christmas drawings and tied them on with red and white baker's twine. Ava personalised each bag of biscuits by writing a message on the back of each card. I was quite impressed that she was able to recognise each of her classmates names on the cards when handing them out. It's good to know that she is learning at school!

Merry Christmas

Here's a look at Ava's original Christmas tree drawing that I used for the cards. We have this picture up on our front door to wish our neighbours and visitors a merry Christmas. The elf decoration on the tree has to be my favourite.

Ava's Christmas tree drawing

Happy holidays to everyone who finished up school (or work) today!


  1. How lovely to share with the class! And beautiful drawings by miss Ava as usual!

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