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Tuesday 11 December 2012

Snow Day!

On Sunday we had snow!

That's right, snow. Here in Berkeley.

I know what you're thinking... It doesn't snow in the Bay Area.

Ok, so it didn't actually fall out of the sky. And it was probably made by a snow machine - but that counts as snow in the ski resorts back home in Australia so I'm counting it as snow here!

Sunday was the annual "Snow, in Berkeley?" fun day.

A car park in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto district was transformed into a Winter Wonderland for a day of snow ball throwing, snowman building and general snow fun.

Ava had a ball playing in the snow even though it was a little compacted and wet by the time we arrived. She made lots of snow balls - which were mostly thrown at me - and attempted to make a snowman. I say attempted because the snow was not really powdery enough to do much with. She started making the base of the snowman but got a little bored and turned it into a snow ball - which of course was thrown at me!

Lola wasn't too sure about the snow. She was keen to play in it but had refused to wear socks, boots or anything else warm on her feet. She discovered pretty quickly just how cold snow can be when you're wearing Summer shoes. While attempting to make snow angels her little shoes filled up with icy cold sludge. Now we have another thing to add to Lola's list of things she hates getting in her shoes: sand, bark chips and snow! She did however, enjoy throwing snow balls at me too!

Here's a look at the girls and their day of fun in the snow...

Lola with her first snow ball  

The first of many snow balls coming my way!

Lola in the snow

Making snow balls

Making a snow angel - and filling shoes with cold sludge!

That little patch of snow was pretty crowded

Lola was happy to just stand in the snow and watch the other kids have fun

About to throw a snow ball


Ha! I got her!

Snow and gravel

We had to dig at the snow with our heels to loosen it enough to make snow balls

Lola preferred to stand on the gravel. Not quite as cold on her little toes.

Making snow balls

Lola shows me Ava's fox mittens - which she wore for a total of 30 seconds! 

Take that!

Ava and I posing nicely...

You knew the nice pose wasn't going to last long!

It's a little hard to pretend that we're somewhere snowy when there are kids in t-shirts in the middle of the shot!

As well as refusing to wear socks, Lola refused to wear gloves for much of the day.
She spent a lot of time wiping snow off her hands while Ava made snow balls.

Making more snow balls

If only it really snowed in the Bay Area

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