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Thursday 2 May 2013

1, 2, 3...

Time for a little news...

Ok, so it's actually pretty big news but it involves a very little person.

In just over five months time our little family of four will become a family of five.

That's right, baby number three will be joining the Mason family in October!

1, 2, 3...

Ava and Lola are pretty excited that they are going to be big sisters - or a big, big sister in Ava's case. 

Both girls have been coming up with names for their little sibling (some good, some not so good) our favourite of which is Lola's suggestion of Mr Pops! A nice gender neutral name ;)

Lola has decided that she too has a baby in her belly; a baby also called Mr Pops. Wow, is that going to be confusing having two kids called Mr Pops in the family!

So now that my news is out you can expect to see a few pregnancy and baby related posts coming up in the future - when I'm not feeling overly exhausted that is!

And now that everyone knows I can finally quit sucking my belly in all the time! And, breath...

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  1. Such wonderful news!!! The girls are very excited - Milla remembers when Lola was born. Elliot too, she told me she was holding Lola in her lap. I had to check my pictures to see if she was right - and she was!


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