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Thursday 9 May 2013

Bike to School Day

Today is Bike to School / Bike to Work Day.

Ava loves riding her bike to school but she usually rides her scooter instead as it's much easier for me to keep up with her as I push Lola in her stroller. Today we decided that both girls could ride their bikes to school (while I ran along side!) to celebrate Bike to School Day.

Here's a look at Ava and Lola riding their bikes to school.   

Ready to ride as we leave our building

Our street gets a bit busy for little bike riders so Ava stuck to the sidewalk until we turned off

Ava's school is located on a "Bicycle Boulevard", a street designated as safe for bike riders

Almost there

East Bay Bicycle Coalition and Missing Link Bicycle Co-op rewarded those who rode to school and work with an Energizer Station providing refreshments, "I biked today" stickers and reflector lights for bikes. The girls were pretty happy with their stickers and bike lights.

Lots of bikes arriving at school

We did it!

Apparently over 480 cyclists rode by the Energizer Station set up outside Ava's school this morning. Of that number over 120 were children, many of whom were students at Ava's school.

Well done to all the kids who rode their bikes to school today.


  1. Well done, Ava! You are doing so well - even carrying your own backpack! You have to have a word to my three musketeers....I have to carry their backpacks when they are biking to school!!

    1. Luckily Ava has just always carried her backpack whether she's riding her bike or scooter or walking. Lola is desperate to carry a backpack too. She'll be starting pre-school after the Summer vacation so I guess we'll need to get her a backpack soon :)

  2. Not only did Sean give me a ride home, he brought the very thing I so desperately wanted to attend but couldn't due to work obligations to me! Wow! electric bikes

  3. The self addressed envelope you provide will be sent back to you with the free stickers inside. Santa Cruz Bicycles... flower corner wall decal


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