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Tuesday 28 May 2013

(Not so) happy birthday to me...

Today was my birthday and Memorial Day.

We had planned a nice day out heading up the coast to Humboldt Redwood State Park to drive through a few drive-through trees, visit a kitschy one log home and take in the majesty of the beautiful redwoods along Avenue of the Giants.

Instead I came down with a nasty gastric bug and, after much vomiting, spent the night and morning in hospital hooked up to an IV. Not really the day we had planned.

Hooked up to the IV

So much replacement fluid

I'm pleased to say that after all that fluid, pain killers, anti nausea medication and not-what was pumped into my veins I'm feeling much better. Still very tired and not really able to eat, but much better than last night. 

Not really the bracelet I wanted for my birthday!

We'll just have to go for that birthday adventure in a few weeks' time instead.

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