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Friday 24 May 2013

BAM Runathon 2013

This week Ava's school, Berkeley Arts Magnet (or BAM for short) has been holding a runathon to raise much needed funds.

Each class in the school has been taking part in the runathon during their regular PE class. Ava's class took part in the runathon on Tuesday and I was there with my trusty camera to get some action shots.

Ava's class with their runathon certificates

If you're not familiar with how a runathon works, it's pretty easy. The kids collect sponsors who either pledge a certain dollar amount per lap or a flat amount. With many sponsors pledging a per-lap amount, it's in the kids' best interest to try and run as many laps as possible. And that's just what they all did.

I was pretty proud of all the kids in Ava's class. They all put in a lot of effort and most ran between six and nine laps. Ava, following from her weekend triathlon triumph, put in a stellar performance and ran a total of ten laps!

Ready for warm up

Lining up for the run

The most important thing, of course, was that the kids all had a great time during the runathon and the sense of pride that they felt knowing that they were doing something good for their school.

Here they are, Ms Davis' Kindergarten class working their butts off in the BAM runathon 2013...

And they're off!

Go kids go!

Off to a good start

The kids collected one bracelet per lap to count how many they'd done 

Speeding up for the camera

When the camera comes out so does the sprinting!

Running on air!

Her shoe lace is undone and her face is bright red but nothing will stop Ava

Go Superman, go!

A sprinkler was set up along the course to cool the kids down

All done! Now lets go count our laps

Counting laps

10 laps counted for Ava

 Such a great effort by all of the kids!

Anyone know how to make 19 kids smile at the camera at the same time?

 Thanks to everyone who sponsored Ava in the runathon!

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