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Sunday 12 May 2013

Mother's Day Cards 2013

It's Mother's Day again. And that means Mother's Day cards...

Lately the girls and I have been taking lots of photos with the hearts in San Francisco's Union Square. This gave me an idea for a cheesy Mother's Day card. Much like our Valentine's Day cards, I like my Mother's Day and Father's Day cards to be just a little cheesy. Not sappy or overly lovely-dovey, just a little bit cheesy - in a cute way.

We love Nanna!

While we already had lots of great photos of the girls with all the hearts in Union Square none of them seemed quite right for our card. I wanted something that shows that the girls love their Grandmas and Great-Grandmas - not something that shows their love of San Francisco!

I liked the idea of personalising one of the hearts in Union Square for our Mother's Day card but as the hearts are all quite busy with decoration this was a little tricky. Luckily one of the hearts (the one on the corner of Powell and Post Streets) has a plain red back. Perfect.

With my plan in mind all we needed to do was snap our perfect photos. This turned out to be a little trickier than first thought. For once the girls both managed to keep their hair tidy, didn't spill food on their dresses and posed nicely on demand, however the wind had other ideas! Almost as if on cue as we arrived at the heart sculpture the wind picked up sending the girls' piggy tails all over their faces! No matter how hard we tried we just couldn't get a photo without hair flying all over the place. The photo below was one of the better ones we got!

Just a little windy!

Fast forward a few days and we tried again. This time to wind decided to play along and we got some great shots, perfect for our cheesy card.

Big hugs for a big heart


Posers on both sides of the heart!

 A few little additions in photoshop plus some black cardboard and we had our perfectly cheesy cards.

For the Great-Grandmas

Finished card for Mamma

Ready to send

Happy Mother's Day!


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