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Friday 23 August 2013

Bead Art Glasses

Last Summer vacation the girls and I worked on quite a few crafty projects. One of our favourites was our bead art projects using Perler beads (or Pyssla beads if they come from Ikea like ours!). We made pendants, 3-D ornaments, portraits and landscapes.

This year we have had so many big things happening over Summer (moving, our Canada trip, visitors from Australia...) that we haven't really had much chance to work on any crafty projects. Yesterday we were stuck at home for much of the day while I tried to deal with medical bills and an iPhone that decided to give up the ghost, so I dug out the big bucket o'beads and the girls started working on some creative projects. Ava made a heart pendant, a portrait, a separate top hat for her portrait to wear and little birds, bees and butterflies. Lola made much more simple shapes which I've decided can be coasters!

Between phone calls and scouring the internet for a way to fix my phone I decided to make a few things myself. I got an idea in my head that glasses made out of the beads would be pretty fantastic, so without telling the girls what I was making I set about creating a few pairs for them.

Colourful specs

I made the glasses in three parts (the lenses together and the two arms separately) and then once they were ironed and the beads firmly melted in place I stitched them together along the sides with cotton.

Working on the first design 

Stitching together on the sides 

Zig zag stitch detail

Lola's glasses

Ava was so excited by the technicolour glasses that she had to make some herself too. With three pairs now made we had enough for us all to wear a pair.

No prescription lenses in these glasses made it a little trick for Ava!

Ava makes her own pair

 With all three pairs done it was time to don our new glasses and say cheese for the camera.

Lola was so excited she couldn't stop screaming!

Say cheese!

Super Lola?

Matching glasses this time instead of matching outfits!

Reading glasses

Me and my bespectacled girls

We've all got them

A new look, perhaps?

Do they make me look smart?

Crazy glasses and piggy ears

Such a fun craft to work out and now we have new accessories for the dress ups box - or for everyday wear if we feel so inclined!


  1. Oh my goodness. This adorable and awesome all rolled into one. We HAVE to do this. Thanks so much for the idea :-)

    1. Thanks Rebecca! We had so much fun making them - and wearing them!

  2. You guys look so cute! And it is nice to finally see a picture of you on the blog as well, Sally! Love, love your techni-colour goggles and will absolutely have to try this with the girls:)


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