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Thursday 29 August 2013

First Day of First Grade

After ten weeks of Summer vacation Ava is back at school.

As of today she is my big first grader.

Her school day goes an hour longer than last year, she spends her recess in the "big yard" and she now has homework every night.

Just like a big kid.

Here's a look at her first day of first grade...

Arriving at school this morning - it was very sunny

There are some interesting names in Ava's class

First up, colouring in name tags for their cubbies

Colouring, colouring...

Welcome class

Waiting to be dismissed at the end of the day

Telling me about her day

Look at all this homework I've got Mum!

On the yard

After school we dropped by the nearby bakery for celebratory cupcakes.

A cupcake to celebrate the first day 

Cupcakes with her school friend Abby

Mmm... chocolatey goodness!

Back home it was time to get onto that math homework for the first day.

Working on her math homework

All the right answers

Almost done

Ava was excited to show us some of her work that she brought home today. In class she drew this picture of herself playing in a playground and wrote a little story about it. 

Playground drawing
Ava's story to go with her drawing 

A successful start to a new school year!


  1. Yay, celebratory cupcakes! And eager with the homework:) Are they at the same school or do you need two drop offs in the morning? Looks like she had lots of fun!

    1. So far she's still excited about the homework. It's all been pretty easy so she gets it done really quickly.
      Lola goes to Ava's old preschool which is about a 15 minute walk from Ava's current school. Drop offs are going to prove a little tricky as Lola starts preschool at 9am and Ava starts school at 9:10. Ava's school is pretty much half way between our apartment and Lola's preschool so ideally we'll drop Ava off on the way. However, the earliest I can leave her at school is 8:55. That gives me 5 minutes to get to Lola's preschool! So far Kim has been dropping Ava to school on Lola's preschool days (2 days a week) but he won't always be able to do it as it makes him late for work. I think Lola just might have to be a little late some days.


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