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Friday 23 August 2013

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

One last post from our recent trip to Canada...

On our last full day in Canada we visited Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, a short drive north of Vancouver's Downtown. 

Family in the forest

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park has many attractions to keep visitors busy, but the highlight is, you guessed it, the suspension bridge! 

Originally built in in 1889, Capilano Suspension Bridge stretches 140 metres (460 feet) across and 70 metres (230 feet) above the Capilano River. The original bridge was made of hemp rope with cedar planks. It was replaced in 1903 with a wire cable bridge and then completely rebuilt in 1956 with the cables at either end encased in 13 tonnes of concrete. A little safer than the original bridge!

The girls loved crossing what Lola referred to as "The Wobbly Bridge". I had been a little concerned at first that they'd be scared but they were a lot braver than I expected. I think the fact the bridge was absolutely packed full of people on our first crossing meant that they couldn't really see just how long it was or just how high up we were. The bridge was much quieter on our second crossing but by then the girls were pros at the Wobbly Bridge and skipped along holding hands. So cute!

Ready to cross

The girls and I on the busy bridge

Lola holds on as the bridge wobbles

We made it!

After we'd trekked across the suspension bridge (along with what seemed like a thousand other people!) we made our way to the Treetops Adventure. The Treetops Adventure is a series of elevated suspension bridges (some as high as 30 metres) running between giant Douglas Fir trees. Visitors can experience a "squirrel's eye view" of the forest, plus some pretty spectacular views back over the main suspension bridge itself.

While walking around the Treetops Adventure kids can take part in Kids Rainforest Explorer, a treasure hunt program. Ava loves anything that requires her to walk around with a clipboard while answering questions so she was pretty happy about this. When she finished her treasure hunt her answers were checked off and she was given a certificate and a badge. As usual, Lola got a badge as well, without (as Ava complained about) having to do any of the work! The perks of being the little sister!

Lola on the Treetops Walk

Dancing along the way

Looking back over the suspension Bridge

The girls and I

Working on the treasure hunt

Under the bridge

It looks pretty high up from here

With the Treetops Adventure and Kids Rainforest Explorer program done we crossed back over the suspension bridge for lunch.

Heading down the steps to the bridge

Hurry up Mum!

Walking hand in hand

Can we reach the sides?

We can!

Back on the other side there was still plenty to see and do. The girls were excited to discover that there were totem poles on display in the park. They had loved posing with the totem poles in Stanley Park and were pretty happy to do so again here.

Posing with the totem poles

Totem family

Stretching their wings

One of the newest attractions at the park is the Cliff Walk part of which comprises of a narrow walkway suspended from the side of a steep cliff. Throughout the walk there are glass viewing platforms, giving visitors a view straight down the valley floor below.  

Ava looks over the Cliff Walk

Sitting on the glass platform

The suspension bridge from the Cliff Walk

Here we go...

Suspended off the side of a cliff

Kim on the Cliff Walk

Looking down

My little poser!

It was then on to the gift shop, where the girls asked for pretty much one of everything on display! They were happy with a few fridge magnets (for our ever expanding collection of refrigerator kitsch!), a kid friendly book about Canada and some delicious gummies and fudge. Ok, so I ate all the fudge myself! Those gummies were a huge hit though and kept the girls well behaved for the rest of the day. Must remember to bribe the girls with gummies more often ;)

Gummies for being good on the bus trip back

Lola wore this gummy ring for the rest of the day. It was her beautiful jewels!

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park makes for a great day out in Vancouver. There is so much natural beauty in the forest yet the bridge and walkways have been designed perfectly so as to enhance it rather than take away from any of it. The park is close to the city centre and they offer free shuttle buses to get visitors there and back. The park is incredibly well run and the staff are super friendly - which came in very handy when Lola needed to go to the toilet while we were waiting to enter and we were allowed to jump the queue!


So, that's the last of our Canadian holiday.

We had a wonderful time and it's such a beautiful country.

We're sure to be heading back some time soon...


  1. Whoa, that is some serious bridging! Amazing photos and great to see video of the wobbly bridges so high up in the air:)

  2. Great photos! I want to step on the glass platform =)


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