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Thursday 1 August 2013

Pedalfest 2013

Time for a little break from the Canada trip posts - trust me, there are loads more to come!

Before we headed off on our trip to Canada we enjoyed a day of two (and three and four...) wheeled fun at Pedalfest in Oakland's Jack London Square. We had taken the girls to Pedalfest last year and they absolutely loved it so we knew that they'd be keen to go back. 

We jumped on our bikes and set off on the 11km ride from our place in Berkeley. This was the first time I'd ridden the bike in months (I didn't ride while I was pregnant) so I was a little worried that I'd be out of breath half way into the ride. I'm pleased to say that I made it there and back with no problem - although of course, I did make Kim ride the big bike with both girls on the back while I rode on my own!

Our first stop at Pedalfest was to check out the crazy handmade up-cycled bikes. Some of these we'd seen at last year's Pedalfest, some we'd seen at Maker Faire and some were completely new to us. The girls loved riding on what we called the "Bomb Bike". The girls and I sat on the bomb part of the bike which swung around as we took corners. They also rode the bomb bike with Kim. You can hear Lola's reaction to the back swinging around in the Vine clip below. 

Riding the bomb bike

I could only just reach the pedals!

Time for a ride with Daddy

Ava was keen to try out as many bikes as possible however this year there weren't as many in her size. She did find a few that she could pedal though including this laid back bike below.

Time to try a new bike

Laid back pedalling

Kim tried out a tall bike and after a few unsuccessful attempts managed to wobble his way around perched up on top of it. Don't think we'll be getting one of these any time soon!

He did it!

Riding high

There were plenty of crazy bikes to be seen riding around the place - trikes with giant wheel, trikes with sound systems, bikes with triangular wheels, tall bikes...

Surfing the big wheels

Two big wheelers pass

Riding above the crowd

That looks like a bumpy ride!

Tall bike, little wheels

One of my favourite parts of Pedalfest was a carnival ride for the kids - powered by pedalling parents! The kids sat in swing seats which span faster and higher as the parents pedalled faster and harder. Ava had a fantastic time riding it. Kim was exhausted!

Starting off slowly

Big smiles


Another favourite at Pedalfest was the BMX competition. Stunt riders stunned us with their amazing acrobatic tricks - flips, spins, doing headstands on their bike frames while in the air... Ok, so I don't actually know what any of the tricks were called but they were amazing to watch.

I have no idea what to call this!

This guy was a real crowd pleaser



Upside down

Balancing act

Amid all of the fun we took a little break from bikes while the girls splashed about in a fountain and climbed the play equipment in a playground.

Ava cools down in the fountain

Monkey time

And of course a cupcake break was needed!

Too impatient to pose for a photo!

Now I'll say cheese!

Once again we all had a great time at Pedalfest and can't wait to go again next year.

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