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Tuesday 17 June 2014

Farewell First Grade

Friday was Ava's last day of First Grade.

It really doesn't seem that long ago that she was starting her first day of first grade and here we are, all done already.

Ava has learnt so much over the last year at school and we are so proud of how much she has achieved. She loves going to school and tries her best at everything she does. Math, reading and art are her favourite things at school (apart from recess!) and she excels at each of them.

Ava has had a wonderful teacher this past year who she will miss dearly when she moves up to second grade. That said, she can't wait to find out who her new teacher will be when school goes back in the Fall.

Ava has lots great friends at school. Some old friends from last year and some new from this year. Some of her friends will be leaving to attend other schools next year which is a little sad but there will be plenty of new friends again next year - maybe even a few shorter ones!

Bye, bye school. See you in the Fall...

 P.S. Friday was also Pyjama Day at school, hence the kids' outfits!

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  1. Always sad to leave a year behind - until a new adventurous year starts! PS. love the 'jumping' picture :D


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