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Friday 6 June 2014

Flashback Fridays: Los Angeles 2005

In just one week's time my parents will be coming to visit us from Australia. How exciting!

The big girls can't wait for Mama and Papa to arrive. Mathilde has no idea, of course, but I'm so excited that my parents will finally get to meet her.

My parents have already left Australia and are making their way to the Bay Area via Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Right now they're in Los Angeles which got me thinking about our first visit to the City of Angels back in 2005.

Admittedly, we didn't really do all that much when we visited Los Angeles. It was pretty much just a stop over place for us rather than a destination. A place to rest for a day or two before heading onto the Grand Canyon after the long flight half way around the world. A home base for days spent at Disneyland and Universal Studios.

We did all of the obligatory touristy things, of course. We checked out the stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame, marveled at the Hollywood sign perched up on the hill, visited Santa Monica and Venice Beach, took a scenic drive along Mulholland Drive, went shopping, ate organic produce from a farmer's market, spent a day at Universal Studios, sat in the studio audience for a sitcom filming (a show called Twins starring Sara Gilbert and Melanie Griffith which probably never made it to Australian screens) and went looking for Dylan and Brandon in Beverly Hills... Ok, I made that last bit up.

Here's a look at our time in Los Angeles...


Mulholland Drive

Santa Monica

Universal Studios

Beverly Hills


Venice Beach

We haven't visited Los Angeles since we've lived in California. That sounds kind of crazy, right? Sure, we've been there a couple of times but stopping to pick my sister up from her Hollywood hotel on the way to Disneyland doesn't really count. Neither does walking from one terminal in LAX to another upon arrival from Australia! I'm sure we'll get there again one day but at the moment it's not really all that high on my "must visit" list.

Lola has been talking about going to Los Angeles a lot lately. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that she thinks that Los Angeles is in Italy! Every time I ask her what she'd like to do in Los Angeles she responds "I'd eat some pasta and some gelato".  Well, I guess we could do that in Los Angeles!

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