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Friday 13 June 2014

First Haircut... Take Two!

It has taken a really, really long time but I've finally convinced Lola to get her haircut. 

While this wasn't her first visit to the hairdresser it was her first successful visit. Her first "haircut" back in September 2012  didn't go so well with Lola getting scared and pulling the cape over her head. The hairdresser managed to trim the tiniest amount off the back before the cape fiasco but it didn't make much of a difference. 

This time around Lola was excited about getting her hair cut. She happily climbed up in the chair and chatted away with the hairdresser as her hair was trimmed.

Excited for her haircut

Lola originally asked to have her hair cut short but for now I decided to stick with just a trim to tidy it up. The ends were getting so long and straggly. She has had that hair since she was born so it's been around a while!

Waiting to start

That messy hair desperately needed a trim

All up Lola probably had about 5cms taken off the end. Her hair is still really long but it's so much neater looking now.

No going back now!

Snip, snip

Looking better already

Making sure it's even

Checking out her new haircut

Lola is really happy with her new big girl hair cut. She enjoyed getting her hair cut and can't wait to go back again. I think next time we'll go a little shorter. I'm not sure I'm ready to cut it all off into the bob that Lola wants though. Her hair is so fine I imagine it would just flop!

So happy with her haircut

I'm so happy that Lola is no longer scared of the hairdresser. No more struggling to brush those knotty ends in the mornings!


  1. Pretty girl! Would you believe that I still have not taken any of my girls to the hairdresser...?! Homecuts all around:D I think they're ready now (remember how scared Milla was of the CUTTING), just don't have the time really. Agnes have got similar hair to Lola, quite fine and thin, and I find a bob works wonders - thickens it up a bit:D

    1. Lola was terrified of having it cut too. She was scared that it would hurt and equally scared that the hairdresser would cut it ALL off leaving her with Daddy's haircut!
      I love Agnes' bob. It looks so cute. We might give it a go for Lola at some point. I'm sure it would thicken her hair up a little but I'm still worried it would just be a flop - like my hair when I have a bob!


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