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Friday 13 June 2014

Thank You Cookies

As a little gift to show their appreciation for all their help throughout the year, Ava and Lola baked cookies for their teachers.

Using our ABC cookie cutters we made the word "Thanks" with sugar cookie dough. We also made lots of love hearts. We decorated the cookies with coloured sugar before baking. This is one of my favourite ways to decorate cookies. It's so much faster and less messy than using frosting and there's a sense of satisfaction knowing that everything's done as soon as they come out of the oven.

I packaged the cookies in cellophane wrap with a black card backing. To keep the cookies in place I dabbed a little icing on the back of each. This held them perfectly in place on the card.

For the cookies for Lola's teachers I printed a label featuring Lola dressed as a baker. This photo was taken at Cheeseboard, our favourite bakery here in Berkeley. Lola was dressed as "someone who makes cupcakes" as part of Career Day at Ava's school (Lola just had to join in!).

Lola gave her teachers their cookies at her graduation on Tuesday. They were very well received.

Ava will be giving her teacher her cookies today; the last day of the school year. Ava's cookies will include a handmade card - which I must remember to get her to make this morning after breakfast!

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  1. You are an amazing mum, Sally! Your girls are so lucky and one day when they grow up, they will look back and realise what wonderful childhood memories you created for them!


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