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Thursday 12 June 2014

Preschool Graduation Day

Tuesday was Lola's last day of preschool for the year.

Now that she's a big girl she will be moving up to the next class when preschool goes back after Summer. To celebrate Lola and all of the other big kids in her class, a little graduation ceremony was held at preschool today. The kids sang a few songs for the parents before they were presented with their graduation certificates. We then headed outside for a potluck lunch with the other classes.

Of course no graduation ceremony is complete without mortar boards! The kids all looked adorable in the hats that they had decorated for the special day.

Here's a look at the songs the kids performed.

Lola was pretty excited that she got to bring home a folder of her work from the past year. She was even more excited when her name was pulled out of a hat to take home the giant ABC book that the class worked on over the year.

Lola absolutely loves her two teachers from preschool and will miss them when she moves up next year. We baked thank you cookies for them and Lola couldn't wait to pass them on. She made sure to go into great detail about just how we made the cookies!

Now that Lola has graduated from her current preschool class it's time for two and a half months of Summer vacation. Woo hoo! Well, maybe not "Woo hoo" for me...



  1. How cute she looks! Love that they made their own hats. The cookies are amazing - how do you get them to stick to the card?

    1. The hats are such a cute idea aren't they? Lola was so proud that she got to wear one :)
      I stick the cookies to the card with a little icing. It kept them in place really well.


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