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Monday 8 December 2014

Elf on the Shelf: Week 1

Elfie Pokie Nokie, our Elf on the Shelf, is back in our home again for the holiday season.

Just like last year he's been moving around the apartment and doing all sorts of different activities. I've got to admit that he has been a little lazy at times. So far there have been three days when the girls have woken to find him still in the same spot as the day before, but he has made up for it by flying back to the North Pole to visit Santa and coming back to a different position while we've been out during the day. The first time this happened he left a note saying it was due to the rain but we've come to the conclusion that maybe it has something to do with me being up throughout the night feeding Mathilde. He can't move around when Mathilde and I are still up, can he?

Anyway, here's a look at what Elfie Pokie Nokie has been up to the first week of December...

On the first day Elfie appeared along with the advent calendar just like he usually does. He fits nicely into the big pocket for day 25. This is always his starting and ending point in our home.

On the second day Ava was disappointed to discover Elfie still sitting in the advent calendar. Did he report back to Santa during the evening or did he forget? When the girls got back from school they were excited to find Elfie sitting in the window sill watching the pouring rain outside. He had a teeny tiny note for the girls explaining that he'd forgotten to bring his rain gear with him and it was too rainy too fly back to the North Pole overnight. While we'd been out during the day he found a Lego umbrella in the girls' room and used it to keep himself dry as he flew back to the North Pole. I'm hoping he remembered to grab his rain gear while he was there just in case he needs it again over the next few weeks!

On the third day we found Elfie sitting on the dining table eating breakfast. He had poured himself a bowl of Fruit Loops and a mug of milk and was reading a tiny newspaper.

On the fourth day Elfie forgot to move again. Oops. Once again he visited the North Pole while the girls were at school and when we came home we found him enjoying a cupcake at Lola's mini Sprinkles Cupcakes play cafe. They are pretty tasty cupcakes so I can't say I blame him for stopping for a snack.

On the fifth day we found Elfie on Kim's guitar. He had a plectrum in his hand and sheet music for Jingle Bells on the ground in front of him. Rock on Elfie pokie Nokie!

On the Sixth day Elfie forgot to move again. We went out to buy our Christmas tree in the afternoon and when we came home we found him sitting on the coffee machine making himself a latte. I guess all of that flying backwards and forwards is tiring. Elves need caffeine too!

On the seventh day we found Elfie sitting under our new and undecorated Christmas tree. He had collected the salt dough ornaments that the girls and I made a few days ago and had started hanging them. I guess we interrupted him as he only managed to tie ribbon on two of the ornaments and only one of those had made it onto the tree. We'll tie the rest of the ornaments and hang them on the tree to help Elfie out.

Mathilde was quick to get into the salt dough ornaments and Elfie so I had to move him up high to the top of the tree. Those grabby little baby hands can't reach him there!

Now, technically kids aren't allowed to touch the Elf on the Shelf as this may lead to him losing his magical powers. I figure that babies are excluded from this rule so no damage was done when Mathilde picked him up!

Stay tuned next week for more adventures of Elfie Pokie Nokie...

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