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Monday 15 December 2014

The Little Ice Rink

This post is sponsored by The Little Ice Rink. All opinions are my own.

Last Sunday was our day of wintry fun. We started the day with a trip to the "snow" at the annual Snow? In Berkeley? festival (which you can see here), then spent the afternoon ice skating at The Little Rink in Alameda.

The Little Rink is located at Alameda's South Shore Center and is a great spot to spend the afternoon.
We skated for just over an hour as the sun began to set and it was perfect. Ava is our little skater girl and despite the fact that she hasn't had lessons in a year and a half she took to the ice like a pro. Within no time she was showing off with one foot glides and attempting spins. Lola is still a little nervous on the ice and needed help but I could see her confidence growing as she skated.

Kim and I took it in turns skating with Lola while the other stayed with Mathilde who is too little to skate. Although believe me, if she was allowed on the ice she would've been out there in a heartbeat! She'll have to wait until next year to strap on some skates and get out on the ice.

My favorite thing about The Little Ice Rink is "Bobby" the seal skating aid. The seals are perfect for little skaters who aren't confident on the ice by themselves. All of the seals were in use when we arrived so we had to go onto a wait list to get our hands on one. It took a while but we eventually got a seal for the last 20 minutes of skating and the girls absolutely loved it. Lola was able to skate around by herself which was great. She was also able to sit down and be pushed around which was her preferred method of "skating". After being on the ice that long Lola's little legs were getting pretty tired. Ava enjoyed pushing Lola around so it all worked out perfectly.

After skating we warmed up with some delicious barbeque at the newly opened Best Lil' Porkhouse, also at the South Shore Center. After an afternoon of skating this was just what we needed. Now my friends are probably thinking "But you don't eat pork" and they'd be right. The menu at Best Lil' Porkhouse offers plenty of other non-pork dishes so I had plenty to chose from. And with names like "When Pigs Fly" and "If a Pig had Wings" for the chicken dishes (both coated in "Piggy Dust"!) how could I resist? It was also a chance to try fried pickles and I've got to say they were delicious. Ava and Lola were won over by the banana pudding for dessert. The pudding got a thumbs up from Mathilde too.

The Little Ice Rink is located at 523 South Shore Center, Alameda. For more information including times and price please visit http://thelittleicerink.com/ 

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