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Sunday 7 December 2014

Our Little Christmas Tree

As if visiting Santa on Friday night wasn't exciting enough, we upped the Christmas spirit on Saturday by taking the girls to choose a Christmas tree.

The past few years we've visited a Christmas tree farm and cut our own tree. This year we kept things simpler and visited a nearby Christmas tree lot and bought a pre-cut tree. 

Originally we weren't sure if we would get a real tree at all considering how inquisitive Mathilde is right now. She's guaranteed to go exploring and pull it down on top of herself. I looked into all sorts of different options (a tiny tree on the dining table, a wall mounted tree, even a cushiony fabric tree) but nothing felt quite as right as having a real tree. So we decided that we'd go with a little tree this year, something that won't hurt Mathilde when the inevitable happens.

So seeing as we'll only be having a small tree this year we figured it wasn't worth hiring a Zipcar and trekking all the way to a tree farm despite how much we've enjoyed it the past two years. There's a popular Christmas tree lot a few blocks from our apartment and we knew that if we found a tree small enough, we could just carry it home.     

We were in luck and found the perfect little tree as soon as we entered. I overheard other customers refer to it as a "Charlie Brown tree" but for us it was perfect. And the girls were happy with the tree they chose, despite their faces below!

Kim grabbed the tag for our little tree and joined the incredibly long queue to pay while the girls and I went exploring, pretending we were in a forest!

Our little tree was small enough for Kim to easily carry it home...

...And now it sits in the corner of our living room waiting to be decorated.

We'll be decorating our tree tomorrow. We won't be using our regular glass ornaments though as they're sure to smash when (not if!) Mathilde pulls the tree down. Most of our glass ornaments have been collected on our travels so they won't be easy to replace if they were to break. Instead we'll be decorating our tree simply with lights, strings of popcorn, and salt dough ornaments that we recently made. I'll be sharing the salt dough ornament DIY in the next few days and I can't wait to show you how they look hanging from our little tree.

Welcome to our home little Christmas tree. We're so happy you're here!

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