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Wednesday 17 December 2014

Elf on the Shelf: Week 2

Another week of December has gone by and that means another week of Elfie Pokie Nokie hanging around our home. Here's a look at what he got up to during week two...

On the eighth day Elfie got into the Halloween bucket again. Lola has been reminiscing about Elfie making a mess with the Halloween candy last year so she was pretty excited to see that he was up to his old hi-jinx again. That is until she noticed that it was her Halloween bucket and he'd eaten a Snickers bar, two Easter eggs and a lollipop! Elfie Pokie Nokie has not been in Lola's good books ever since! I'm sure he'll make up for it in some way.

On the ninth day we found Elfie taking a rest from roller skating around the bathroom. I thought I could hear "Wired for Sound" playing throughout the night! I wonder where his walkman is? Ok, now I'm showing my age!

On the tenth day our advent calendar featured a voucher for making honey biscuits. Elfie obviously took a peak at the calendar and decided to get a few things ready for us. If you want to make honey biscuits too you can find my recipe here.

On the eleventh day the Bay Area prepared for "HellaStorm" to hit. School was cancelled in many districts (including here in Berkeley), there were major public transport delays and many areas experienced flooding and blackouts. Santa advised Elfie to stay put and not return to the North Pole overnight in case he got caught in bad weather on the way back. So instead Elfie hung out on a window sill eating honey biscuits and watching the rain. He also wrote the girls another tiny letter explaining what Santa had advised. P.S. HellaStorm really wasn't all that bad here in Downtown Berkeley. Heavy rain that lasted all day but that's about it. The kids were excited about the day off though!


Our apartment has been full of boxes lately. No we're not moving! We just buy a lot of stuff online at this time of year and all of those delivered Christmas presents mean a lot of cardboard boxes. Ava and Lola spent the previous day off school playing shops, boats and cars with empty boxes. They obviously inspired Elfie as we found him on the twelfth day playing in a box he'd turned into a car. The milk carton city that Ava and Lola made a while back (which you can see here) made the perfect backdrop for Elfie's pretend play.

On the thirteenth day we found Elfie about to eat two gingerbread men. Kim and I had decorated these at his work Christmas party the night before (all parties need a gingerbread decorating station!) and had brought them home for the girls to eat. Good thing we caught Elfie before he could take a bite!

On the fourteenth day Elfie must've been feeling homesick for the North Pole as we found him sitting in the fridge. Or maybe we busted him about to steal some breakfast. He is pretty sneaky so I'm guessing it was the latter.

Stay tuned for week three of Elfie Pokie Nokie in our home...

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