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Sunday 7 December 2014

Visiting Santa at Macy's

Friday's advent voucher was the one that the girls' look forward to the most out of the whole calendar: the voucher to visit Santa at Macy's.

We headed into the city in the evening after Ava's skateboarding class and the girls couldn't wait to see Santa. As usual Ava and Lola were a little nervous when it actually came time to go talk to Santa but Mathilde was pretty intrigued and happy to go sit on his lap. The big girls warmed to him pretty quickly and in no time they were telling him about all the things they'd like for Christmas: a tv, puppies, American Girl accessories, a computer, a chess set...

After visiting Santa we checked out the Christmas displays. Amongst the sparkling Christmas trees there were plush polar bears, reindeer, Santas and nutcrackers of all sizes. Mathilde was quite taken with a toy reindeer. She knocked it over on top of herself several times but she didn't seem to mind. As soon as I picked it up she pulled herself up on it again and continued pulling its antlers until it fell down again!

The girls also posted their letters to Santa that they had written earlier in the week. Macy's have a special mail box for collecting letters to Santa. For every letter that is posted in their mail box they'll donate $1.00 to Make a Wish, up to $1,000,000.00. We always make sure to post our letters to Santa at Macy's to help them reach their target.

The girls also enjoyed watching the skaters down below in Union Square. I love how magical Union Square looks at this time of year. The ice skating rink, the giant Christmas tree (soon to be joined by the giant Menorah when Hanukkah begins), the fairy lights on the palm trees... it's all so Christmassy! 

Now that the girls have sent their letters to Santa and told him in person what they'd like they'll just have to wait and see what he brings. I have a feeling there may not be a tv or puppy under the tree but I guess you never know!

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