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Friday 9 October 2015

52 Weeks: Week 40

Week 40: International Walk & Roll to School Day 2015

After playing catch up on my 52 week project I've finally caught up. This week's post is actually from this week. Woo hoo!

This week the girls' school took part in International Walk & Roll to School Day. Now for us, every day is walk and roll to school day so it wasn't really any different, but it was great to see lots of other students arriving on foot or on scooters/bikes.

Most days both Ava and Lola ride their scooters to school. It's definitely the most convenient option for everyone. They zoom along super fast and then when we get to school their scooters fold up and go underneath the stroller for me to take home. Lola likes to ride her balance bike from time to time, and while I know she loves it, it's a little bit bigger for me to carry home - and it definitely doesn't fit under the stroller! Some days we all walk (apart from Mathilde who has to go in the stroller) but I find myself reminding the girls to catch up too often, so scooting is the best bet in my book. Mathilde usually gets to walk on the way home.

For Walk & Roll to School Day, the girls' school took a tally of how students got to school. Each student was given a dot sticker when they entered the school yard and this was then placed on a chart in the appropriate column. From what I can tell it looks like walking was a popular option. The kids were also given a special pencil to keep after they put their dot on the chart.

As with last year, this years Walk & Roll to School Day coincided with photo day. Hooray for helmet hair!

The T-Kinder and Kinder kids don't share the big yard with the older kids so after dropping off Ava we made our way to the little yard for Lola's drop off. She was also given a sticker to put on a chart. Walking seems to have been popular among the younger kids too.

Speaking of scooting to school, it's almost time to head out for another day. Time to go get those kids ready!

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