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Sunday 25 October 2015

52 Weeks: Week 42

Week 42: Pumpkin Fun

California's weather may not have gotten the memo yet, but despite the lingering Summer weather, it's well and truly Fall now. And of course, that means it's pumpkin season!

One of my favorite places to take the girls in Fall is our local greengrocer, Monterey Market. Each Fall they have the most amazing pumpkin pile that kids can climb around on inside the store. You may remember my post from last year when Lola's preschool class went on a field trip to climb on the pumpkins (you can see it here).

Last week I took the girls to Monterey Market one day after school. Lola was so excited to climb all over the pumpkins. Ava was a little unsure at first. I think she felt too old for the pumpkin pile, but she quickly changed her mind once she saw Lola scramble up to the top. Mathilde was happy to follow her sisters, although she did need a little help at times.

My favorite thing about climbing the pumpkin pile at Monterey Market is looking over the store from the top. Or looking up at the kids from the bottom. It really is a huge pile.

Speaking of huge, see that gigantic pumpkin in the picture below? Monterey Market have a competition running and that pumpkin is the prize. Guess the weight correctly (or the closest) and it can be yours! I have no idea what we'd do with such a huge pumpkin, but Ava is determined to win it!

The kids love climbing on the pumpkins. It really is such a fun place to visit in the Fall.

Today we're off to visit a real pumpkin patch, so expect to see many more pumpkin photos coming soon!

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