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Monday 19 October 2015

52 Weeks: Week 41

Week 41: Happy Birthday Lola

This past week Lola turned five!

To celebrate Lola's birthday we had a big party with friends over the weekend. I'll have a post about the party coming soon, but for last week's 52 Week Project post I wanted to share Lola's actual birthday day.

Lola's birthday fell on a weekday this year and now that she's a big school girl, she spent her special day at school. Usually the birthday kid gets to have a special celebration at school but because Lola is in Transitional Kindergarten and ALL of the kids in her class have birthdays in either September, October or November (they're the kids who just miss the Kindergarten cut off) her class just has one big celebration at the end of each month instead. Her class did sing Happy Birthday to her though.

After school we headed to the girls' karate class where once again everyone sang Happy Birthday to Lola. The girls' karate sensei is also an amazing artist and she gave Lola the most adorable water color portrait for her birthday. I still can't get over how cute this is and what a special gift it is. Thanks Sensei Julia! (You can see more of Julia's artwork here).

We always let the girls choose where they'd like to go for dinner for their birthdays. They always end up choosing the same places every year. Ava always wants dinner at Bubba Gumps and Lola chooses Crepevine, which is much more convenient seeing as it's located here in Berkeley. Seeing as it's a special occasion we also let the girls choose what they want to eat for dinner. That always means pancakes for Lola! 

The other reason that Lola chooses Crepevine is because they give kids Wikistix to play with. The girls always make glasses out of them!

Mathilde insisted on bringing a calculator to dinner with her!

I gave the staff at Crepevine a candle to put in Lola's pancakes when they brought them out. Instead they very kindly gave Lola a big piece of red velvet cake and put the candle in that. Lola was pretty excited that she was not just getting pancakes for dinner, but actual cake too!

After filling up on cake, Lola started on her pancakes. Or to be precise, Lola started eating the cream that came with her pancakes. Mathilde soon joined in too, eating whipped cream with a fork! 

Ava was a little more sensible with her food and chose mini burgers.

The girls enjoyed their dinner out, even if they didn't really eat "dinner", and by the time we got home they were absolutely exhausted. Lola was pretty happy with her birthday and couldn't wait until her party on the weekend - which is coming up right after this post. Stay tuned, it was a good one!

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