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Friday 30 October 2015

52 Weeks: Week 43

Week 43: Halloween Karate Party

This week the girls' karate class had a fun Halloween party. The kids all came dressed in costumes, they karate kicked a pinata, they wrapped each other in toilet paper like mummies, there was lots of candy, and, of course, there was karate.

The kids looked so cute practicing karate in their costumes. Ava and Lola wore old costumes rather than this year's Halloween costumes - mostly because I hadn't finished making them yet! But also, because I wanted them to save their real costumes for Halloween (and the Halloween celebrations at school today). Ava wore her vampire costume from 2013 (you can see it with full hair and make up here) and Lola wore a fairy dress and tiara from the girls' dress up drawer.

The kids practiced their karate moves before moving on to sparring.

Then the fun activities started. First there was a race to see who could wrap a friend in toilet paper to look like a mummy the fastest. Ava kept breaking the toilet paper so needless to say, the other team won.

Then the kids took it in turns karate kicking a pinata filled with candy and little toys.

The class finished up with yummy treats and party bags for everyone - including the littlest karate kids. How funny does Mathilde look in those skeleton glasses?

Hooray for a karate party!

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