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Saturday 31 October 2015

Halloween at School

Yesterday Ava and Lola celebrated Halloween at school.

There were class parties.

There were costumes.

There was a school wide parade.

It was such a fun day!

Mathilde and I spent much of the day in Lola's classroom helping the kids decorate sugar skulls that I made earlier in the week. The kids really enjoyed decorating the skulls and I loved seeing how creative they were. Even Mathilde decorated a skull - and surprisingly she didn't make a mess! Instead of decorating the skulls with icing we used puff paint, sequins and feathers. Despite the non-edible decorations on the skulls I was still asked "Can we eat them?" dozens of times through out the day! I guess kids really love sugar!

Lola's class had other fun activities happening at the same time as the sugar skull decorating. There was a table set up with beading, playdough with Halloween cookie cutters, pumpkin decorating, pumpkin scooping (to later cook the seeds) and trick or treat bag decorating. To keep everything organized and running smoothly, Lola's class had an activity board set up with name cards. In order to participate in an activity the kids had to move their name card to that particular spot. The kids use this board for their every day activities too and it works surprisingly well.

After the kids finished their activities it was time to put on their costumes and join the rest of the school for a parade and dance party on the big yard (the TK and K kids have their own yard separate from the big kids). Lola dressed as Elsa. Mathilde joined her big sister and dressed in her digger driver costume. She didn't actually take part in the parade though as that was just for students and teachers.

The students took part in the parade class by class starting with the T-Kinders. Lola was pretty excited when it was time for the 3rd graders to show off their costumes and she could see Ava in her snowman costume.

Once the parade and dance party was finished, Lola was done with school for the day. We then joined Ava's class for their party. The kids ate orange food, danced to spooky music, listened to spooky stories and colored Halloween drawings.

The kids had such a fun time at school yesterday and they can't wait to get out and celebrate Halloween for real today. Stay tuned for lots more photos of my little snowman, Elsa and construction worker (who so far has been called a crossing guard, a cyclist with safety gear and, most commonly, a cute little boy in a builder costume).

Happy Halloween!

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