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Sunday 23 October 2016

Lola's Rainbow Unicorn Party

Yesterday we celebrated Lola's 6th birthday with a rainbow unicorn themed party on our roof deck.

After the grey and rainy weather of last weekend (when it was actually Lola's birthday), we were in luck with perfect weather for the party. It was a little overcast, and the view over the bay was foggy, but the sun was shining and the temperature was just right. Not too hot, not too cold. 

We had all sorts of rainbow unicorn themed fun for the kids from the cake and the decorations through to the party games. I'm usually pretty DIY when it comes to party decor, but this time I thought I'd save myself a lot of stress and purchased items from the amazing Rainbows and Unicorns range from Meri Meri, including unicorn bunting for the table, unicorn cupcakes, rainbow cups, and unicorn horn party hats. The party hats were definitely a hit with the kids - and the adults! 

Oh, and that big unicorn at the end of the table? That was the pinata, and one of the few things I actually made for the party. You can find the DIY here on Oh Happy Day. It made for a gorgeous decoration on the table before we smashed it open for candy, as well as a great photo prop. All of the kids loved it. In fact, it was so cute that I almost didn't want to let them hit it with a stick!

There was one other big unicorn that provided a lot of fun for the kids... a giant inflatable unicorn pool float! The kids loved this thing. It was big enough that almost all of them could pile on it at once, and it even fit the adults. Mathilde and Lola loved giving it hugs and it was a great place to relax - when the kids weren't jumping on it! We did have to add more air to it a couple of times thanks to curious little hands pulling the plug out, but that wasn't a big deal. The pool float was such a fun party addition and I can't wait to actually take it in the water with the girls next Summer. You can find the pool float I purchased here.

We had a few rainbow and unicorn themed activities set up for the kids to work on. I set up a station with unicorn shaped sugar cookies for the kids to decorate with icing and colorful sprinkles (and then devour instantly!), as well as one with Skittles and water for making crazy rainbows. I'd seen the Skittles and water experiment online (you can see it here) and thought it looked like fun. The kids didn't make the most photogenic looking rainbows but it was still fun. They also thought it was pretty funny when the colors mixed together after a while to make brown sludge! Lola thought it was even funnier when they poured said sludge into cups and drank it - or at least pretended to drink it. I get the feeling it was too sweet and sludgy for even a group of six year olds!

After the kids all decorated cookies and made Skittles rainbows we moved onto the party games. 

First up we played Pass the Parcel...

Then we moved onto Pin the Horn on the Unicorn. This was one of the other few things that I actually made for this party. The unicorn drawing came from the invitations that I made for the party. The kids were all pretty close with their blindfolded guesses for the location of the unicorn's horn, although a few of them had a little trouble finding the board in the first place.

Then it was time for the birthday cake. In fitting with the theme, Lola's birthday cake was a rainbow decorated with Skittles and marshmallow covered clouds with a unicorn perched on top. The cake itself was funfetti so it was rainbow colored on the inside too. Like always, there was too much of a breeze to actually have any of the candles lit while we sang Happy Birthday. So instead, we lit a few for Lola to blow out afterwards. They didn't stay lit either so we moved onto star shaped sparklers. Lola tried and tried to blow out the sparklers not knowing that they can't be blown out. Ha! She then cut the cake and made a wish (most likely for a rainbow unicorn) and the kids ate the sugary rainbow and clouds.

After the cake it was finally time to crack open that adorable pinata. But first we had to pose for a few photos with it - and give it a few hugs!

The kids lined up to smash open the pinata. They each took three swings at the pinata before passing the stick onto the next in line. We only made it through the line once as the pinata fell down when the last kid in line had her third hit. Good timing! Once the pinata hit the ground the kids dived on top to rip it open and grab the goodies inside. Ava was keen to keep the pinata so she grabbed it before it could be completely destroyed. Surprisingly, the pinata was really only ripped in one place, so Ava taped it back together and the girls plan to keep it in their room.

By now it was time to say goodbye to our guests. Lola handed out party bags filled with silly putty, rainbow crayons and rainbow candy. The silly putty was pretty popular with the kids. I think I've found my new party bag go to!

We all had such a fun time at Lola's rainbow unicorn party. Thanks to all of our friends who came along to help celebrate Lola's special day with us!

Oh, and here's a look at Lola's actual birthday last weekend...

Wondering what was in the box that Lola looks so excited about? It was Kinetic Sand - or genetic sand as Lola calls it!

Happy birthday to my big six year old.

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