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Sunday 9 October 2016

Orange & Green Karate Belts

My two karate kids, Ava and Lola, had another belt test yesterday and I'm happy to say that they both passed. Hooray! Ava is now a green belt and Lola is an orange belt. These kids are accruing karate belts faster than I ever imagined.

The girls and their classmates did such a good job. Everyone passed the test and we now have three green belts and three orange belts in the class. The test was held in the park where we meet for classes. There were quite a few other people around but the kids were so good at staying focused and weren't bothered by all the people watching them or the kids and dogs playing nearby. As you can see, it was quite late in the day so the sun was starting to set as the test progressed. It made for the most beautiful light.

The test consisted of  the kids going through their moves as well as some sparring and jujutsu. The kids going for their green belts had extra moves to go through as part of the test. The future orange belts were able to join in for extra credit, something Lola decided to do at the last minute. It was great practice for her green belt test which will be coming up in about a month.

The kids had a lot of fun sparring. First up Ava sparred against another future green belt, and then she sparred with Lola. The kids also took it in turns being the judge. I love the photo below of Ava and Lola sparring. The technique may be a little sloppy, but I love Lola's hair flying all over the place!

While the big kids did their test Mathilde watched from the nearby climbing structures - and played games on my iPhone. Anything to keep her from trying to join in, right?!

At the end of the test the kids found out if they had passed. Like their other tests, they were called forward one at a time while Sensei Julia held their belt above her head. She then pulled the belt down across their shoulder to show that they had passed. Had they failed the belt would have been tossed aside - luckily, we've never had that happen! Sensei Julia then tied the new belt around each kid's waist and presented them with a certificate.

 Once all the kids had received their new belts and their certificates it was time to celebrate! High fives and hugs all round!

 So proud of our class of karate dragons!

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