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Wednesday 26 October 2016

Halloween Candy Bunting

Earlier this year the girls and I made Easter bunting for our front door using bunny shaped Peeps. The colorful bunting was a big hit with the girls, so when I spotted ghost shaped Peeps for Halloween in the supermarket recently, I just knew that we had to get creative with squishy marshmallow again.

So, yesterday Lola and I made Halloween bunting out of ghost shaped Peeps and that Halloween candy that everyone loves to hate - candy corn.

The instructions for making this bunting are pretty much exactly the same as out Easter bunting (which you can find here) but I thought I'd share them again.
What you'll need:
Thick thread
Tape or thumbtacks for hanging

After making Peeps bunting for Easter, I learned that these squishy marshmallow treats are incredibly sticky (not having grown up in the US, I had no experience with Peeps and didn't know what to expect). I found that leaving them out of the packet to dry out a little before use helped quite a bit. So, the first step is to take the Peeps out of their packaging, separate them, and leave them to dry out for a few hours. You can use them straight from the pack but they'll be much messier.

Measure the space where you would like to hang your bunting and cut the thread a few inches longer. Thread the needle.

Work out the pattern that you'd like for your bunting and then get to work threading. Lola and I made a pattern of 1 ghost, 2 candy corns, 1 ghost, 2 candy corns...

Poke the needle through the side of the ghost about level with the middle, and pull the thread through to the other side.

The candy corn is a little trickier to thread as it's much harder than the Peeps. The best technique I found was to push the needle into the candy corn as far as possible, turn it over, and with the end of the needle against the table surface gently push the candy corn down the needle. We broke quite a few candy corns in the process (which Lola didn't mind as she got to eat the broken ones) so you may want to limit the amount of candy corn you use in the bunting as it can be a little frustrating to work with!  Please note that this technique of threading the candy corn meant that the needle was pushing into my table top a little. It didn't leave any marks on my table, but you may want to be careful with the surface that you're working on.

Keep on adding Peeps and candy corn in your chosen pattern until you've filled the thread.

Once you're done the last step is to hang the bunting. I attached out bunting to our front door with tape. I had to push the tap down quite hard and add a few layers to prevent the thread from sliding out from underneath it. My door is metal, but if you have a wooden door, or if you plan to hang it on a wall, you could use thumb tacks instead.

For more tips make sure to check out my Easter Peeps Bunting post here.

Boo! What a scarily cute door!

Oh, and don't forget to give your little helpers a Peep or two to eat! Let's face it, that's the only reason they help out, right?!

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