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Friday 28 October 2016

My Morning with Oakland Coffee

So, today I had planned to spend the day finishing Halloween costumes. But then late last night I saw an email that changed all of that. Mike Dirnt from Green Day would be at a local Costco promoting the launch of his coffee brand Oakland Coffee!

Being a huge Green Day fan, and having missed out on tickets for last week's show at the UC Theatre, I just had to go! So costume making plans were pushed aside and Mathilde and I headed to Costco in nearby Richmond straight after school drop off.

Mathilde, being a toddler, had no idea who we were there to see, but when Mike pulled up in his little Volkswagen truck she was pretty excited. Not to see Mike, of course, but to see the truck! I mean, that is a pretty cool truck - and she is slightly obsessed with anything with wheels.

There weren't too many people there to meet Mike so we were able to have a little chat and get some photos before he went inside to share his Oakland Coffee which is now available at select Bay Area Costco stores (as well as on Amazon). Mathilde was happy to pose for a few photos and show off her pegasus ponies that she brought with her. Mike asked her to waltz with him (a la Waltzing Matilda) but she was more interested in trying to ride the "Amigo Value Shopper" next to us!

Speaking of the coffee, I tried a cup of it and it's pretty damn good. I'm definitely a latte girl and usually struggle with American style coffee; but this? This I drank black without any sweetener and I really enjoyed it. It was smooth, it was rich, and there was no bitterness. Not only does the coffee taste good, but the packaging is all compostable (including the single serve pods!) and the company gives back to the community where the beans are sourced. Everyone wins!

After Mike went inside Mathilde and I went to check out his truck. Seriously, isn't it the cutest little truck you've ever seen? The front windows are my favorite thing. It turns out that the truck doesn't have windscreen wipers, and as it was raining, Mike had to drive with the windows open! I love it! Mathilde was desperate to go for a ride in it but was happy to settle for posing in the back (with permission) instead. Back on the ground Mathilde was excited to see that it had "ABCDEFG" on the side. Well, it actually said "Oakland Brand" but Mathilde has just started to recognize that letters aren't just random pictures and loves to point them out while saying "Look Mummy! ABCDEFG!". Every now and then she even gets the letters right, but usually only A and W.  

Mathilde gave the little truck a hug and then we headed inside to check out the coffee - and also because I'd never been inside a Costco and I was kind of intrigued as to why so many people were lined up to get in half an hour before it opened. Admittedly, I didn't venture far as the Oakland Coffee display and tasting was set up just inside the door, but in that small space I saw jumbo bags of candy, Christmas trees, stacks of flannel shirts, cartons of soda... It was like a little taste of American suburbia that I haven't seen in the five years we've been living here. Side note; Tuesday was the fifth anniversary of our arrival in America! I'll have a post about it coming soon - I've just been busy meeting rock stars. Ha!

Anyway, so that was my exciting morning. I got to meet one of my favorite musicians and try some damn good coffee. Definitely a good way to start the day!

If you'd like to know more about Oakland Coffee you can visit their webpage here: http://oaklandcoffee.com/

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