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Saturday 2 April 2022

Immersive Art in Denver

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of immersive art. If you've been here a while, or if you follow along on Instagram, you're sure to have seen a lot of immersive art featured in my posts.
We're lucky here in Colorado that there are quite a few permanent (or long term pop up) immersive art exhibitions. They're a great place to spend an hour or two on a cold day (or a hot day - Summers here are HOT) and they're a lot of fun. Plus you get to come home with creative photos that you can't get anywhere else.

Today I'm sharing a round up of my favorite immersive art exhibitions in and around Denver. 

Let's take a look...
Denver Selfie Museum
I think the name of this one says it all! Denver Selfie Museum is home to many rooms filled with fun displays perfect for fun selfies - or pics of the kids, if you're like me! You'll find all sorts of displays from simple, yet creative, backdrops, rooms filled with mirrors and glowing orbs, a bathtub filled with bubbles (ball pit balls), plenty of props to use and so much more.  

You can see our visit to Denver Selfie Museum here. This post is from our visit to their original location in 2020. Some of the back drops/scenes have since changed, but the photos I've shared here are all from their current location.

Denver Selfie Museum is located at 1531 Stout Street, Denver. For tickets and more information visit https://originalselfiemuseum.com.

Distortions Monster World
If spooky creatures, classic monsters and scary scenes are more your thing then Distortions Monster World is for you! We visited last year in the lead up to Halloween and it was the perfect spooky evening out. There's no need to wait for Halloween though as Distortions Monster World is open year round. Located centrally in Denver Pavilions, this fun immersive exhibition features creations from world renowned "Monster Makers" Distortions Unlimited. You'll find Big Foot, creepy dolls, lots of aliens, vampires and a lot of straight up spooky creatures all waiting for fun pics.

You can see our visit to Distortions Monster World here.

Distortions Monster World is located at Denver Pavilions, 500 16th Street, Denver. For tickets and more information visit https://distortionsmonsterworld.com/

The Dr Seuss Experience
The recently opened Dr Seuss Experience has been wowing audiences across the US and Canada and I'm so excited that it's now here in Centennial too. This is a great immersive experience for the littlest members of the family as well as adults. Immersive yourself in the whacky world of nine of Dr Seuss' most beloved books. You just might even get chance to meet some of your favorite characters! We're yet to visit but I can't wait to take the kids and swing among the truffala trees, find our way through a balloon maze, meet the Cat in the Hat, and so much more! 

The Dr Seuss Experience is located at Centennial Promenade, 9667 E County Line Rd, Centennial. For tickets and more information visit https://www.experienceseuss.com/.    

Earth Illuminated
What could be more beautiful than combining nature and immersive art? That's exactly what you'll find at Earth Illuminated. Located in Denver Pavilions, Earth Illuminated is created by the same production company behind Distortions Monster World but is far from scary. Ok, there are a few spiders, but they're not at all spooky! At Earth Illuminated you'll find 13,000 square feet of displays including stunning illuminations, oversized insect and plant sculptures, floral wall displays, colorful murals, neon light displays, and so much more. 

You can see our visit to Earth Illuminated here
Earth Illuminated is located in Denver Pavilions, 500 16th Street, Denver. For tickets and more information visit https://earthilluminated.com/.

Frida Kahlo Immersive
Fans of iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo are sure to enjoy the Immersive Frida Kahlo Exhibit which has recently opened in Denver. Much like the popular Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit (which I've included below) this exhibit features some of Kahlo's most well known paintings projected onto the walls, floor and mirrored displays to make visitors feel like they're being immersed into the art work. Emotive music fills the room as the artworks dance on every surface. I'm yet to visit this one but hope to go soon and will be sure to share.

The Immersive Frida Kahlo Exhibit is located at Lighthouse Denver, 3900 Elati Street, Denver. This exhibit shares a space with the Van Gogh Immersive mentioned below. The displays are shown on alternate days. For more information and to purchase tickets visit https://www.immersive-frida.com/denver/.  

The Friends Experience (coming soon)
Hey Denver, how you doin'? If you're a fan of the hit tv show Friends you're sure to be doing pretty well with the exciting news that this fun immersive exhibit is coming to Denver very soon! The Friends Experience features replicas of iconic scenes from the popular sitcom and plenty of hands on props for fun photos. Reenact the "pivot" scene with a couch stuck in a staircase, get behind the counter at Central Perk or take a seat on the couch, hang out in Monica and Rachel's apartment, recreate the opening credits in front of the fountain, poke the Ugly Naked Guy... Ok, if you never watched Friends that last one probably sounds a little odd! 

We were hoping to visit The Friends Experience while we were in Phoenix over Spring Break but didn't have time so I was super excited to find out that it will be coming here in June.

The Friends Experience will run from June through September 2022. It will be located at Cherry Creek West at 1st and Clayton Streets. For more information and to book tickets visit https://denver.friendstheexperience.com/

Meow Wolf: Convergence Station
Ahh... Meow Wolf! The ultimate in immersive experiences! 

Meow Wolf: Convergence Station is one of those places that really has to be seen to be believed. It's kind of hard to explain just what it is, but believe me when I say that it is incredible. When you visit Meow Wolf you truly do feel like you are transported to another world. Another dimension where nothing is quite as it seems. Over four floors you'll find four very different worlds, each amazing in their own way. You'll find a colorful ice castle, tunnels and doors that lead to rooms beyond imagination, a forest filled with creatures and plant life like nothing on earth, a marketplace filled with quirky shops and even quirkier vehicles, rooms filled with illuminations, music, sounds and experiences that I can't do justice with my words... Trust me, it's hard to explain but it's definitely an experience you'll remember for a long time. 

You can see my visit to Meow Wolf: Convergence Station here. The kids are yet to visit as I went to a press preview before Meow Wolf opened to the public, but I can't wait to take them. We visited Meow Wolf: House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe during Spring Break last week, and after experiencing that they are super excited to visit Convergence Station as well as Meow Wolf: Omega Mart in Las Vegas.      
Meow Wolf: Convergence Station is located at 1338 1st Street, Denver. For tickets and more information visit https://meowwolf.com/.

Selfie at Stanley
Located in Aurora's Stanley Marketplace, Selfie at Stanley is a fun place to spend an hour or so taking creative selfies - or pics of the kids. You'll find all sorts of fun immersive scenes here with props aplenty. Play in a bathtub filled with bubbles (ball pit balls), laugh with a wall covered in plush toys, swing surrounded by lawn flamingoes, pose with mirrors, wings and fun murals, ride a scooter through Denver's Larimer Square, hang out in a 70s living room, and so much more. This selfie museum may be small but it's packed full of fun! The best part? Once your done taking fun photos you've got the tastiest food and some of Denver's best shopping right there in Stanley Marketplace. 

You can see our recent visit to Selfie at Stanley here.
Selfie at Stanley is located in the Stanley Marketplace, 2501 Dallas Street, Aurora. For more information and to book tickets visit https://www.selfieatstanley.com/.

Van Gogh Immersive
If you're looking for an immersive experience that ties fine art and music together then look no further than the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit. Visitors to this exhibition will find themselves transported into some of Vincent Van Gogh's most famous paintings as they appear on the walls, floor and mirrored surfaces that fill the space. The projections are choreographed to music, some composed specifically for the exhibition and some that you're sure to already know. It's a truly magical experience.

You can see my visit to the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit here.   

The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit is located at Lighthouse Denver, 3900 Elati Street, Denver. This exhibit shares a space with the Frida Khalo Immersive mentioned above. The displays are shown on alternate days. For tickets and more information visit https://www.denvervangogh.com/

Wonder Wonder
All the immersive art fun isn't limited to Denver! If you're in Boulder and looking for something a little closer to home then Wonder Wonder is for you. Wonder Wonder is part art exhibit and part photography experience with rooms filled with the most engaging and creative immersive art. As well as the immersive art, visitors will find The DIY Room, a room filled with props and backdrops with no central theme. Here visitors can get as creative with their photos as they like, creating one of a kind portraits.  

We're yet to visit but I have it on my list and hope to take the kids soon, so stay tuned.

Wonder Wonder is located at 1685 29th Street, Boulder. For tickets and more information visit  https://www.wonderwonder.us/.


Have you ever visited an immersive exhibition before? I'd love to hear about your favorites so drop a comment below and make sure to head over to my Instagram to see more immersive art fun! 

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