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Tuesday 10 December 2013

Snow in Berkeley

Ok, so that title could be a little misleading.

It has been really cold here lately, even technically cold enough at night that it could snow. But it hasn't. That would truly be amazing and would make this frosty cold weather we've been experiencing worthwhile.

So, while it hasn't actually been snowing here, we did get a chance to play in snow, right here in Berkeley, over the weekend. On Sunday the annual "Snow? In Berkeley?" event was held in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto. A parking lot was transformed into a mini Winter wonderland complete with real snow for the kids (small and big alike) to play in.

Lola and her, umm... snowman!

You may remember that we went along to this event last year and the girls had an absolute ball. Well, this year was no different. Like last year, the snow was pretty compacted from all the kids playing in it by the time we arrived but a little digging with our boots and there was plenty to play with. Sure, the snow balls were rock hard and kind of hurt when they hit you (trust me, I was always Ava's target!) and the girls' attempts at making snowmen weren't the best, but it was still loads of fun.

Ava's snowman was no better

It was a lot colder than it was at the event last year. This time we actually needed our snow jackets and pants, and snow mittens were definitely a must. Looking back on last year's photos I see a lot of kids in t-shirts. There was definitely no-one getting around in a t-shirt this time!

Lola and I in the snow

Here's a look at our fun day in the snow...

Here comes one of those rock hard snowballs

Ava and Lola start work on their snowmen

Lola had trouble doing much with her mittens on so she opted just to wear one -
and then spent a lot of time complaining that the mitten-less hand was cold! 

Lola takes a break from building her snowman

That little hand is getting cold

Lola's completed snowman

Ava's completed snowman

Their snowmen look like they've melted!

Attempting to make snow angels - not the easiest in rock hard snow!

Their snow angels did work out somewhat

No more angels. Here come the snowballs again!

Uh oh... a snow ball with a run up

It's coming right for me

Another one

While Ava scraped together snow balls to throw at me Lola kept busy scooping up snow in a cup -
which she then tipped on Ava's head!

Ava was not expecting that

This time it came out cup shaped

Ha! Gotcha!

Ava meets a few wintry characters

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