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Saturday 7 December 2013

That Cheeky Elf: Week 1

The Elf on the Shelf appeared in our home on the first day of December. Since then he's been flying back to the North Pole every night to report to Santa and coming back again in the early hours of the morning. Last year when he'd fly back to our home he'd find a comfy spot on a shelf, the Christmas tree or door handle to hang from. This year, however, he's been a little cheekier and has been getting into all sorts of things. 

Here's a look at the first week of the Elf on the Shelf in our home...

On the first day the Elf appeared in the advent calendar. This is the spot that he always appears on the first day and also the last place he appears before flying back to the North Pole after Christmas.

The advent calendar appeared overnight and so did Elfie Pokie Nokie

On the second day he was a little cheekier and tried to hitch a ride to school with Ava!

Hanging out in Ava's backpack

Ava, there's something in your bag!

Trying to go to school with Ava

On the third day he decided to hang out on the washing line inside of one of Lola's dresses.

Red is my colour

On the fourth day he was obviously a little tired from flying to and from the North Pole and needed a caffeine fix. We found him on the coffee machine trying to make himself an espresso.

Elves need sugar in their coffee

A double espresso please

On the fifth day he went for a little drive. Maybe this is how he gets to and from the North Pole?

Off for a drive

Just like a clown driving a little car!

On the sixth day Elfie Pokie Nokie decided to try out a few other holidays and got into one of the girls' Halloween buckets. He made quite the mess on the floor. Oh, and I say a few other holidays as there were Easter eggs still in there too!

Uh oh!

Look what he did

Lola checks that he didn't take too much of her candy

And on the seventh day, today, he seemed to have checked the advent calendar as he was all prepared for us to make honey biscuits which is today's activity. How nice of him to get things ready for us!

Let's make some honey biscuits

He checked the advent calendar 

We're looking forward to seeing what else Elfie Pokie Nokie gets up to over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned to see more of his adventures.

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