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Saturday 14 December 2013

That Cheeky Elf: Week 2

Elfie Pokie Nokie has now been back in our home for two weeks and just like last week this week has seen him getting into all sorts of things. He's been building, playing board games, reading books, hiding in various strange locations and even been fishing. Thankfully he didn't manage to catch any of our fish!

Here's a look at his antics for this week...

On Elfie's eighth day in our home he got into the Lego Duplo and built himself a little fort - and spread quite a few blocks all over the floor. Of course, this was right after the girls and I had picked up all of the Lego and Duplo blocks and packed them away for the evening! The girls didn't seem to mind though and were quite impressed with his building skills.

Elves like Lego too

On the ninth Day the girls woke to find Elfie playing a game of Candy Land with astronaut Hello Kitty. It looks like we interrupted their game so there was no winner.

Playing Candy Land with Hello Kitty

On the tenth day he must've been a little hungry as we caught him sitting on the aquarium with a makeshift fishing rod. He didn't succeed in catching any of our fish, although our sea snail did seem to die (or go into hibernation deep inside its shell) a day later. Hmm...

Fishing for lunch

On the eleventh day we found Elfie practicing his ballet moves with a few dancers from The Nutcracker. He's a pro when it comes to the splits!

Principle dancer in Santa's ballet company

On the twelfth day Elfie must've sneaked a peak in the advent calendar again. Today's voucher activity was reading a Christmas story and we found him cosy on Ava's armchair with Gertie reading "The Snowy Day".

Reading a wintry tale together

On the thirteenth day he was a little tricky to find. The girls had pretty much given up on finding him until they spotted something while getting their jackets to head off to school. Could that be two little legs dangling down from under the "Noogler" cap?

A little tricky to spot this time

And today, his fourteenth day in our home, Elfie made himself comfortable in the bathroom!

Just like one of those Barbie toilet roll covers everyone's grandma had!

So that's what Elfie Pokie Nokie has been getting up to in our home this week. 

Stay tuned for more of his adventures next Sunday...

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