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Monday 23 December 2013

That Cheeky Elf: Week 3

It has now been three weeks since Elfie Pokie Nokie made his appearance back in our home and it seems he's been having just as much this week as the last two.

Here's a look at what he's been up to...

On the fifteenth day Elfie was pleased to discover that we finally had a Christmas tree. We found him perched up near the top after a night of tree climbing. 

Elves and Christmas trees go hand in hand

Now that we had our Christmas tree I could start wrapping presents to go underneath it. I made the mistake of leaving the wrapping supplies out overnight and it looks like Elfie decided to help out. This is how we found him on the morning of the sixteenth. He seems to have gotten himself into a little trouble there with the washi tape!

Getting all wrapped up

Elves must like making messes as we woke on the seventeenth day to find that Elfie had been cutting paper snowflakes out of coffee filters overnight. There were little pieces of paper everywhere. He did make some pretty snowflakes though so I guess we can forgive him for the mess.

Making a pretty mess

Speaking of getting into trouble, on the eighteenth day we found Elfie in a passionate embrace with the Sugar Plum Fairy underneath our mistletoe ball ornament. Elfie!

Give us a kiss

On the nineteenth day it was time for Elfie to have a bath. He's a little small to use our actual bathtub but the bathroom basin is just about right. We found him perched on the edge of the basin wrapped in a face washer (perfect size for an elf towel) and wearing a little shower cap. Can't get that hat wet now, can we?

Clean as a whistle after his bath

On the twentieth day Elfie was back to playing with the girls' toys. This time he had made a few Christmas related words with Lola's alphabet puzzle. I can see a few more in there that he could've made. Joy, toy, yule...

How many Christmas words can Elfie make from the puzzle?

On the twenty first day Elfie seemed intrigued by a little visitor that we have in our home. Ava is pet-sitting her class pet, Gecky the gecko, over the Winter break. We woke to find Elfie watching Gecky in her vivarium. She is in there somewhere behind the log - maybe a little shy of the elf who has been watching her. You may not be able to see Gecky in this shot but you can see how cute she is here.  

Here Gecky, Gecky...

Only a few more days left of having Elfie Pokie Nokie in our home before he flies back to the North Pole until next year. I wonder what else he'll get up to in the meantime? I guess we'll have to wait and see...

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