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Friday 27 December 2013

That Cheeky Elf: Week 4

Elfie Pokie Nokie has flown back to the North Pole to stay with Santa for another year.

Here's a look at his last few days in our home this Christmas...

On day twenty two we found Elfie playing a game of Uno with one of Ava's teddy bears. From the look of that hand I'd say that Elfie has picked up some of Ava's cheating techniques. The good old "shuffle the cards so that you get all the good ones" trick!

Looks like Elfie has been cheating at Uno

On day twenty three Elfie got into the gingerbread that I'd bought for the girls from a local bakery. We caught him just about to cut into one of the gingerbread men with a knife and fork. Good thing we caught him before he ate it all!

Hey Elfie, that gingerbread man is bigger than you!

On day twenty four Elfie must have peeked in the advent calendar and discovered that we'd be decorating a gingerbread house. He got all of the pieces out of the box and even started working on some architectural drawings.

Architect Elfie

The big day. Day twenty five. Christmas Day. Elfie appeared in our advent calendar with letters from Santa for the girls. Ava read their letters out before the girls opened their presents. The letters said that Elfie had reported to Santa that the girls had been good - most of the time. Looks like they made Santa's nice list again this year.

Elfie has letters from Santa for us!

Acting as a mail delivery elf

At the end of Christmas Day Elfie Pokie Nokie returned to the North Pole to stay with Santa until next December. Before he left the girls wrote thank you notes for Santa and gave them to Elfie to pass on.

Acting as a mail delivery elf again - this way in the other direction

We've all enjoyed having Elfie Pokie Nokie in our house, even if he has gotten into a little trouble now and then! We can't wait to see what he gets up to next year. Only eleven months to go...

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